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When is iPhone version 3 available in the uk?

Asked by Bobbydavid (837points) June 16th, 2009 from iPhone

It says today the 17th but still says version 2.2.1 is the latest

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Probably this afternoon sometime.

That’s assuming Apples servers can handle the demand.

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Yeah true, will probably try tomorrow then. Thanks!

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i think we are waiting for the US to wake up, which is kinda stupid as the internet traffic is bound to get busy as soon as they do.

we could have downloaded it from idnight and be easing the server strain

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Apples singapore website puts the release date at 18th June. That is probably due to the time difference. Best guess so far for London is between 1700 & 1900 gmt.

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If it’s 17th then surely it should be from midnight. The website offers no information at all. Pretty lame all in all

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its here…

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