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Any gift ideas for my brother's very first Father's Day as a new dad?

Asked by Trustinglife (6663points) June 17th, 2009

I know it’s taboo to ask a second question about the same topic shortly after the first one. Especially when a Fluther founder asks it! But this dad is completely different (no corvette or mustache), and I could use some customized advice.

My older brother became a dad just under a year ago, so this is his very first Father’s Day. It feels special. His son is healthy, happy, and doing great.

About my brother: He’s in his 30’s. He’s into personal growth, and leads a company that gives seminars. He plays a little tennis, and I got him an XBOX for Chanukah, and he enjoys the one game he has. (Maybe there’s an idea right there.)

I’m going to write him a heartfelt card. I just would love to add a special gift to go along with it. Thanks for your ideas.

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Maybe a night at a motel for he and his wife, and a babysitter for the baby?

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What about framed pictures of your father, grandfathers, etc., since he’s now joined “the club” of fathers? Or you could start a tradition of giving him the proverbial traditional Father’s Day tie…

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@Pandoraboxx, Framed pictures is an intriguing idea. Oh, and we both live in California. It has literally been years since I wore a tie, and I bet it’s the same for him.

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven on audio, beautifully read by Erik Singer

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@mcbealer Ooh, I loved that book. Great idea.

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Tim Russert’s book Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons seems like it might fit the bill.

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I like the idea of a gift of time off. Maybe you can voluteer to babysit while he and his wife go out for a nice dinner.

My husband’s office just gave us a digital photo frame since we have a brand new grandson. Maybe that along with some digital family photos would be a nice idea?

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Geez, you’re a nice brother…my husband only got something from me.

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I am sure adjusting to being a father has been challenging for him. Give him a gift certificate for a massage.
Men sometimes need to be pampered too.

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Give him a copy of this

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Offer to babysit so he and his wife can choose what they would like to do, even if it’s simply getting one good night’s sleep.

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A nice Dad/son book – one he can read to his son over the next few years. Funny, cute, sweet or sentimental depending on your brother.

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