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Are you having problems with lurve?

Asked by rooeytoo (26981points) June 17th, 2009

Maybe I don’t understand the system but I don’t think my score is correct. It was at 3334, then there were two +5’s added and a +1 but my score is still only 3335. I think this has happened a lot lately. Also my profile had disappeared, there was nothing there and one last thing, the number of fluthers is different on the two pages???

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This really needs to be added to the FAQ :)

The lurve system is set up such that each person can only give you a max of around 100 lurve. They can still give you Great Answers/Great Questions, and they will show up in your lurve queue, but you don’t get any points. The +1 occurs cause you log in consecutively thus it gets added, there are no limits for that one I don’t think.

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Also, I can see your profile just fine. That problem along with the number of fluthers difference makes me think you might need to clear your browser cache.

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Are you on your computer? Because I hav the iPod touch application, and sometimes things wont show up or load properly on here. However, when I log in on my computer, it works just fine.

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No, but people won’t give me any :(

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@dynamicduo Even if it were in the faq, do you think anyone would read it? Do you think anyone will take the time to find one of the dozens of questions that have been asked about this? Nope. What we need is a standard answer that answers this question automatically.

@rooeytoo Fellow flutherites have a maximum of lurve they can give you. I think it’s 100. After that, they can give you GAs, but it won’t add to your lurve. The stated reason is that it is to prevent gaming of the system. You don’t want friends lurving each other all over the place, endlessly, just to push up your lurve.

What it means, in reality, is that you have to keep on writing answers that appeal to more and more people. After a while, only new people’s lurve will add to your score. So it gets harder and harder to get new lurve the higher the amount of lurve you have. It makes it challenging, and is kind of interesting in a way, because you do have to find a way to extend your network of people who appreciate your comments.

It makes me wonder what the average score of a flutherer is when they first start to notice this phenomenon. I can’t remember when I first did, but I figured it was probably a common thing. Despite that, I actually had the question written before I decided to research it.

I wish I had access to the underlying database here. There are so many interesting questions one could ask about flutherers if one had such access.

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@augustlan – I redid my entire profile before I asked the question because it had become blank, none of the original information I had put there was still there.

@anybody – do people know when their lurve is all gone? And why does it show up in the column along the side of the page saying +5 for this and that if whomever is out of lurve and you’re not really getting the points? And is the lurve gone forever or do you get a new supply at some point in time? How do you find out how much lurve is left?

@daloon – if I read faq’s and didn’t ask the questions, then the folks who enjoy telling me that I should google, research, read, etc. would be denied the pleasure of pointing this out to me. Anyhow, thank you for informing me to read the faqs but thank you heaps more for answering my question afterwards!

@anybody – skip that question, I will hunt for the answers myself.

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Just wanted you all to know that my lurve is now accumulating at its usual rate whereas when I asked the question, it had stood still for days.

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