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Know any good custom jewelry makers?

Asked by Poser (7805points) June 17th, 2009

I’m looking for someone to make an engagement ring. I want someone who will make a ring with a stone I provide, will work with platinum, and include me in the design process. Anyone know of such a jeweler?

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I know of quite a few. The problem is that they are here where I am and you need someone where you are. I suggest you look for “manufacturing jewelers” in your area and ask them if they will do all of those things.

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You can call around your local area and find many jewelers who build a design from scratch and willing to use your stone but few will have the equipment for Platinum casting, it’s very expensive. Most will send out the design to be cast by another party and there will be an additional fee for that on top of the materials.

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I know a guy in the LA area. He did my wife’s wedding ring.

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Where do you live?

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Have you proposed yet?

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I live in Florida, but am willing to deal with a manufacturer online if they are good enough (and helpful enough). Granted, someone near me would probably be easier, but so far, I’ve come up short.

@chyna I haven’t proposed yet, though we’ve talked enough about it that I might as well have. She’s already picking out baby names and “planning” the wedding. But since we have a four-year, separate hemisphere separation to deal with, we both went into this knowing that there had to be something big for us down the road. And since we have three more years of separation to deal with, I have a long time before I have to propose. But the sooner the better, right?

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Just as long as it’s special. Doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan, but something unexpected and fun or elegant would be nice. But you know your girl and what she would like best.

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@chyna Yeah, you’d think I would. I keep racking my brain, and, short of proposing on the Jumbotron at a Gator game, I’m not sure what would be just good, or super great.

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You should look around for someone local. That way you can fine tune the design in face to face meetings. We had to do that – our guy came up with a rather big design. We had him make it more delicate, since my wife’s hands are so small.

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