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Is there a special way to wash a Ferret Hammock?

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) June 17th, 2009

It is cloth, but has metal ends to attach it to the cage that you can not remove. I wasn’t sure if it would be safe to wash it with regular detergent and if washing it if it would rust the metal that I can not remover. If anyone knows anything about washing these please let me know.

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I would imagine you can wash it in regular detergent and then line dry it (the metal bits would scrap the dryer drum). If it is dried quickly and not left to sit wet somewhere it shouldn’t rust.

I might choose one of the unscented detergents in case your ferret doesn’t like the smell of the perfumed stuff.

Why do you need to wash it? Hasn’t your ferret gotten it to smell just the way he/she likes?

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I moved it and it collected dust and got cat hair on it.

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Try starting out by taking outside and shaking it really well. Washing will remove the dust but not necessarily the cat hair.

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