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How can I teach my cat to stay off the counters?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) December 30th, 2007

I have used the commercial“stay off” sprays, I have disciplined with a water spray bottle and a firm No!, I have put aluminum foil on the counters, I have sprayed the counters with vinegar, I have removed everything of possible interest to her, and I never leave food out. None of these have worked. Any other suggestions?

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squirt him with a squirt gun every time he jumps up there

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Well, I was going to say vinegar (at least that will keep ants off)...If that didn’t work, other sprays might not.

Next step should be sound- Get some kind of metal can (ex. soda can, coffee can) and put some change in it. Keep it on the counter where your cat gets on usually…When your cat gets on the counter, get the can a shake it…the sound should spook your cat and he/she will jump off. Keep doing it consistently. Its important to leave it on the counter too, cause your cat will see its there and want no part of it…

Let me know if you use that method how it turns out

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Keep your vacuum in teh kitchen she will never enter again. Lol atleast mine wouldnt he hates the vacuum. Other then that I think vanguardian has a good idea.

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Clap your hands loudly when you catch him/her on counter.

Keep doing the water bottle spray.

I haven’t tried this before but that is the next step if our mischievous cat doesn’t listen….

Get a jalepeno pepper and blend it with a cup or two of water…and pour in bowls on top of counter. (I usually use this for the garden to keep neighborhood cats away) They hate the smell of jalepeno for their sensitive noses.

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The squirt bottle is the way to go. Just use a water pistol. My cat only needed to be sprayed twice before he never got on the table again.
All the other suggestions are for stopping them every time they do it or try to, but this is grade A conditioning!

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Put a bunch of inside out masking tape loops where the cat jumps up. They HATE the feeling of tape sticking to their fur! Also,

It is best for the cat not to know you are the one squirting it,if you choose that method, because he will jump up when he knows you are not around.

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dustwitch is right! Cat’s hate tape, I’m glad you suggested it dustwitch!
Another thing, cats HATE citrus… so if you can some how use citrus juice in a way that wont make everything sticky, i suggest trying that.

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Double sided tape as a training aid works, as do scat mats (looks like a heating pad, gives a low voltage zap – I’ve stepped on them and it’s startling but not painful), and mouse traps turned upside-down so that they snap and fly into the air when disturbed.

It’s aversion therapy – you’ll need to use the training aids only for a number of days or weeks, depending on how effectively they distress your cat (sometimes a single experience is adequate).

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upside down mouse traps – after the kitty trips a few of those it won’t go up there again

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If everything you’re using isn’t working, there’s probably something the cat is finding very appealing about the counter. It might even be the fact that it’s a high spot, or perhaps there’s a window with a view? Giving the cat a high perch somewhere else where he/she can see what’s going on and can perhaps have a view out a window might help.

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Please don’t use mousetraps even if they are upside down! If you put a picture of someone on the counter the cat will think its being watched so it wont just up. After a couple of weeks you can take the picture away and it won’t jump up anymore.

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I’m sorry, but that’s just funny!

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