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What cheese or cheese combinations do you prefer for grilled cheese?

Asked by lindseybree (60points) June 17th, 2009

I love grilled cheese and am just looking for some new yummy ideas! Also…tell me any additions to your grilled cheese, such as veggies or meats!

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I like to use English Huntsman (a combination of Stilton and Double Gloucester). I also like to use a good sharp cheddar with a bit of Lea and Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce on the side for dipping, or a good cheddar with sweet pickle relish.

Otherwise, I like grilled cheddar cheese and ham, grilled chedder cheese and tomato, grilled Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and sliced hot dogs, grilled Mozzarella with grilled onions and bits of chicken, and basically grilled good cheese on good bread with real butter.

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I love just plain old melted Cheddar with slices of bread and butter pickles inside (put them in after you’ve melted the cheese). Yummers McGee.

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Pepperjack cheese with red bell peppers and onions. And tomato soup of course!

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Tillamook cheddar with ham on white bread.

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Swiss with sliced avocado and bacon on sourdough

Pepperjack with tomato and bacon sourdough

Extra sharp cheddar with bacon on sourdough


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And: Use your George Forman Grill! It makes interesting lines in the bread, heats up in 30 seconds, and cooks the sangwich on both sides at once! Or you can use your family- heirloom waffle iron, but it takes longer.

We always just threw in cheddar with some mustard. I like these other ideas. Gourmet grilled cheese, mmmmmmm.

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I like a blander, gooey cheese (mozz or provolone, say) on the inside, and then brush the outside with olive oil so that a hard and sharper cheese as parm or romano can stick to the outside and brown a little on the pan. (You need the “shoestring” style grated hard cheese, not the “powdery” style.)

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havarti + colby-jack + tomato slice + lightly buttered sourdough bread = nirvana

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I am boring. My favorite is American cheese on white bread, grilled, not smooshed. Lettuce, tomato & mayo are great additions. I had one like that quite by accident and it was yummy.

I am also a fan of the multi-cheese grilled cheese, cheeses vary. @mcbealer‘s sounds delicious.

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Classic yellow American on white bread with some buttah.

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@johnpowell is correct. Tillamook cheddar is win. I also like to use focaccia from the local bakery. They sell rolls for $1 each across the street and it is perfect!

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Extra sharp cheddar, bacon, avocado. It’s in my top 20 favorite foods of all time.

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@johnpowell Ah, you make me long for my beloved Tillamook!

My favorite and usual is sharp cheddar. In the summer, I love it with slices of fresh tomato. I would eat a grilled cheese any day with all the Flutherers who spoke of bacon. avocado, ham and pepperjack.

I also like a nice provolone with toasted Italian bread. Yum.

When I feel like slumming, I go for my childhood fav, Velveeta!

The grilled cheese is definitely an art form! Now you have all made me hungry. It is cold and rainy here. I think I will go make a grilled cheese!

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Have you ever had Tillamook yogurt? Pure bliss.

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@Les Their ice cream is great too!

OK, lunch was grilled extra sharp cheddar, black forest ham, and roasted red pepper and artichoke tapanade. The whole much greater than the sum of its parts—as is always the case with the best grilled cheese sandwiches!

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@everyone Wow! Thanks! So many great ideas! Looks like I’ll be eating lots of grilled cheese :D If you have any more suggestions, keep ‘em coming!

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@johnpowell -I just told my son this, “Son, you know the only thing wrong with Medium Cheddar Cheese? It’s not Sharp Cheddar Cheese.”

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@johnpowell: I have one of those in my freeeeezer.

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@EmpressPixie :: Can you get them in Chicago?

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@johnpowell: CostCo. But also, yes, I can get the normal sized blocks at the regular grocery.

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i like to dip mine in spicy mustard like guldens or similar…......... its very good!

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This popped up on my feed reader recently: Top 10 Ways to Jazz Up a Grilled Cheese

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@Supacase I love smooshed ones. :)

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