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Download cds directly to external hard drive?

Asked by pauley61 (19points) June 17th, 2009

I am downloading my cds to itunes onto an external hard drive. Is there a way to instruct itunes to import the music directly to the external drive? It seems to want to download them to the c drive and then I need to move them. When I do this, itunes can’t locate them. Please advise

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In iTunes preferences, change the location of your music library and tell it “keep my music folder organized.”

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Okay, now I am in preferences, where do I change the location ?

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Thanks, by the way. I found it under “advanced”.

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I am trying to record my voice onto Adobe Audition 3 with an inexpensive headphone/mic combo. I am not looking for great quality, I just want to record some pronunciations of Swedish language for my Nordic ladies’ choir. How do I accomplish this with my little setup? (I could do this at the radio station where I volunteer, but I want to do in my own easy chair!)

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