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How can I get rid of ear congestion that I've had for a month?

Asked by joli4life (6points) June 17th, 2009

I got a bad cold about a month ago and have tried a bunch of different things to get rid of the ear congestion. All my other symptoms are gone, I don’t have a fever, my ears don’t hurt, but I feel kind of dizzy/light-headed, maybe from the fluid in my ears. My doctor recommended trying Mucinex, which helped but didn’t get rid of all of it, and I can’t take any medicine that has sudafed because it makes my heart race.

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Welcome to the collective. It is helpful if you pose a shorter question, and then put all the pertinent additional information in the Details section.

I recommend you see your doctor or an ENT specialist. Sometimes secondary ear infections can occur. In that case, you would likely have some pain, a slight fever, or symptoms beyond lightheadedness.

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Go to the doctor so s/he can look for a blockage or other problem. A month is a long time and your hearing is not something to take lightly.

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Wow I have the exact same problem my ear have been congested since May 19. I’m going to the doctor for it.

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I actually just talked to my doctor today and he said to try Clairitin or Zyrtec before I go to bed at night, and if that doesn’t help in a week to go in and see him. Hopefully it’ll clear it up!

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Hi; I’m an Audiologist.

Based on your description, it seems that you are having Eustachian Tube Dysfunction that does not allow the air pressure behind the eardrum to equalize with the pressure around you. This can draw fluid or excess mucus into the middle ear space, especially when one has a cold or allergies.

Whether you have fluid or pressure can only be determined by a physical examination and tympanometry test (which measures the movement of the eardrum in response to sounds and pressure changes). If Eustachian tubes are the problem, the expectorant (Mucinex) and antihistamines (Clarityn/Zyrtec) should help.

However, there are possibly other issues, since you mentioned that you have some dizziness. If the sensation is simply a fleeting wooziness with rapid movement, you may well just have pressure/fluid behind the eardrum (Or possibly a build-up of ear wax).

If you feel spinning dizziness for more than a few minutes, or if it hits even when you’re perfctly still, there could be a inner ear disorder that might mimic the symptoms of middle ear problems. Feel better soon!

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I had to have a tube put in my ear to get rid of congestion that I had.

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