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What's the best way to label a CD or DVD?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) December 30th, 2007

i have just burnt my first cd! (great project: 10 tracks that describe you) i’m concerned writing directly on the disc may affect playback. do i really need to buy a “cd safe” marker? how difficult is it to create a decorative cd label?

subquestion: in itunes, how do you get song/artist/album info to transfer to cd? can you get album art on the cd too?

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I’ve always had success with a Sharpie. To burn with iTunes, you have to create a playlist of the tracks you want first. Click the ”+” symbol at the bottom left to create a playlist and then drag your songs to it or right/option click on song and select “add to playlist.” To burn, right/option click on the playlist and select burn to disc. Not sure whether the art goes with it, but it can always be had online once your recipient gets it.

Paper labels are sometimes tricky to play, especially with slot loaded CD drives. If it’s a tray drive (the kind that pops out to hand you the disc), then you should be fine.

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I’ve been using an ordinary marker for a while and it does not affect the discs. So I am sure that it is safe.

If you plan on using sticker cd labels, they tend to lose their stickiness if used for a long time due to heat, but it does come back after a while.

It is possible to transfer those info to CDs but the album art, I just don’t know how to do it in iTunes.

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Sharpie ftw!

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