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Ever been to a city and thought to yourself "this is where I belong"?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 17th, 2009

Went to NYC a couple times last year (first time being there, coming down from Ontario, Canada).

There was just something about that city that felt so right.

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Christchurch, NZ. My first time there I felt like I had gone home.

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Yes, different places (and not always cities) at different times in my life. It is a great feeling.

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Londond, for me as well…and Amsterdam…and, of course, NYC

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Paris, France

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I was like that with Portland.. Luckily, I was able to move here.

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If I had moved to Appleton, WI circa 1984. I would have said yup. But it has changed to much since then.

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Yes. The second I walked off the plane in Portland, OR.

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Eagle River, Wisconsin. I left my heart there the first time I visited.

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I feel that way about NYC. I’m back at home for the summer and not being there is killing me.

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@jonsblond – we used to camp there as a kid. I LOVED it. Everyone always made you feel so welcome. Like they new you.

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@Bri_L We decided to go there and rent a cabin instead of going to the Dells. I’m so glad we did. I hate tourist traps!

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@jonsblond – yeah. The dells had this one little cabin area that was not touched by all that crap. It was actually right by the dam of that man made lake that was destroyed a year or so ago. That place was great. But the rest of that place. Robotworld?

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London. So I moved there.

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Sebastian, Florida

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Panajachel, Guatemala

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Yes, San Francisco. Five years after my realization, I moved here and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made :]

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Only my home—L.A.

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I feel so comfortable and at home in NYC and in Boston. And, oddly, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Yes, Santa Barbara, California. It’s just like paradise. I’ve hated New York every time I visited there

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@YARNLADY – For some reason I have always been afraid to visit there. Absolutely NO reason for it. Just southern CA in general. Part of it I think is it sounds like there are so many people. If I didn’t catch on to how things were done I would be hissed at.

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I never felt that way (except for vacation spots, but those are fantasy anyway), but everywhere I’ve lived has grown to feel that way.

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Prague, 1993.

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@Bri_L Santa barbara is a tourist town, so used to a lot of diversity. All of Southern California is very crowded, but Santa Barbara is 100 north of the worst of it, and sort of off the main drag. Yes, it’s Highway 101, but most travelers take Interstate 5 to get from south to north.

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@YARNLADY – ah. So one could go there and enjoy, eh?

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@Bri_L Only if you can afford the hotel/motel rooms. It’s minimum $200 and up on the beach, and $140 further away. Also, I am a do nothing sort of vacationer, so for the person who says “what is there to do?” I would have to say “sit on the beach and watch the kids play”

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I’m originally from NYC so I’m biased towards it grins. But I loved living in Washington DC and hated leaving.

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Santa Cruz, CA

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San Diego, but sadly I can’t afford to live there.

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@chyna I spent my Christmas vacations there as a child. I know what you mean. I owe my love of water and watersports to that city.
Animals too! Beautiful zoo.

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You were very fortunate to be able to go so many times. I’ve been only once and it felt like home.

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Edinburough. I think thats how it’s spelled

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New York City.

I love the busyness. it all runs by itself. i love it there.

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Many places in Colorado. I just feel like I can breathe there, and the first time I ever visited I felt like I was home. It was an emotional epiphany, I’d never felt that exact way about a place before.
I’ve been a bit of a gypsy for a few years and it’s finally time to settle down for at least a while
I’m relocating there in two weeks! yayyy!!!

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Ok, ok. It’s Edinburgh.

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I spent this past weekend in the Boston area, and I went and walked around Avalon Danvers. I want to live there so much. I felt so completely at home.

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Loveland, Colorado to some extent. They have a pretty Mexican retaurant in a shopping center with the best guacamole I’ve ever eaten. Now that I remember, they had three restaurants and all of them were great (to me). The Blackeyed Pea was wonderful.
Victoria , BC was prettier but I didn’t get as “homey” of a feeling.

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