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Which fruits/vegetables are really beneficial for sex enhancement?

Asked by bil (20points) June 17th, 2009
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Waiting for someone to say carrots/cucumbers :P

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Pineapple makes fluids tasty.

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I didn’t know there was such a correlation… hm.

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@petethepothead is totally right. other than that, not so sure.

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strawberries and pumpkins.

though melons are always a plus. <WINK>

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sounds like it should

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I’ve been told pumpkin, a la pumpkin pie is an aphrodisiac, but I think it’s the scent more than the actual taste or consumption.

I imagine that with any aphrodisiac response will vary by person.

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@fundevogel that pumpkin pie was asking for it, whatever it tells you.

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Any fruit or vegetable that is long and hard.

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@eponymoushipster Really? I thought that was the apple pie.

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@fundevogel no, i like my pie homestyle and festive.

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If im ever eating fruit with a hot babe, you know what ill be talking about

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@musicman997 talking her into a discount rate for the evening?

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bananas and strawberries…they always seem to go together…

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Grapes – after a little processing.

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@eponymoushipster I usually dont have to ask for the discount, the lust is mutual :P

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@musicman997 first one’s always free ;)

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I want to change my answer to bananas and cherries.

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watermelons and plantains.

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The scent of pumpkins/pumpkin pie gets the blood flowing for both men and women, but women especially for some reason.

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@DarkScribe has it right – any of the fermented variations; grapes, malt and hops, berries and honey, barley.

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North west England phrase “Sexy as a bag of chips!”
a compliment no less. And we mean chips as in deep fried potato a lot fatter than a French fry. (@yarnlady we call what you’d call chips, crisps… Ah American Football, Chips, aubergines. Truly two great nations divided by a language)

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Is chocolate syrup a vegetable? Yes? Chocolate syrup.

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wait wait malted hops get women going?! damn! (covers self in beer)

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do you mean to enhance the sexual experience while you are getting it on (like a toy/accessory)? or do you mean to physiologically enhance sex (like an aphrodisiac)?

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My GF always liked when I ate asparagus. ;-)

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@ChazMaz PLEASE tell me youre just kidding.

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