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If Europeans and the rest of the world call soccer football, then what do they call football?

Asked by YARNLADY (45401points) June 17th, 2009

and why is the top competition called the World Cup of Soccer?

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I think they just refer to it as American Football.

Not sure about the second part of your q, though. Makes me think of the “World Series”. Yeah, if the world is just the US and a tiny bit of Canada.

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because the rest of the world actually plays the sport and knows you play it with your feet.

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That stupid game americans play.

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I don’t know who tell you that the rest of the world call Soccer Football!
I am not from United States and we call it Fútbol.
I´v never heard something about “World Cup of Soccer” !!! jeje
Plus, SO why the rest of the world calls FIFA to the international federation of Football?
anyways…We call it FIFA World Cup….
Fédération Internationale de Football Association= FIFA

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities usually when the yanks get bloody, i tell her to stop.

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@El_Perseguidor I’m not asking about the diffeent spelling of the word in different countries. Football = Fútbol = Fussball Just like Juan = John and when I Google World Cup, I get World Cup of Soccer as one of many entries.

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That I am trying to say, and excuse me if my English is not very good is…
that SOCCER is a word that people from United States use to designate that WE call FOOTBALL, I am no telling you the correct way to spell a word. Actually the word Fútbol, exist in Spanish just for the correct pronunciation of Football.
Probably the many entries that you found are in English, not In other language.. Well Anyways…
If you are from United States call it Soccer and World Cup of Soccer,
we´ll call it FIFA world cup or UEFA Champion League to the European Cup of Clubs
or Copa Munidal de Fútbol.

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“Rugby with shoulder pads”

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because Americans are obnoxious

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They call if American football, but I’m not sure anyone but Americans play that sport.

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I know for fact that in Argentina and Europe play RUGBY.. I don´t know if is different but looks like it

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Many people informally refer to it as “rugby” even though as wildflower rightly said, it is not in fact the same sport. The proper term would be “American Football”. People who know what rugby is of course know the difference too. I always think of it as “handball”, but then that’s confusing too…

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What is the difference besides the shoulder things?

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@Joe_Freeman And that is why I love America.

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@musicman997 That’s why you love United States of America…

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@El_Perseguidor I appreciate the fact that a relatively small number of people/countries play football aside from America. It makes America unique, and yea thats why I love her.

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We just call it American Football.

I played soccer for over eleven years, but my greatest memories are the years I played American Football. It’s a fantastic game.

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The general concept of Rugby and American Football are the same, but just about every rule is different.

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We call football football and leave it up to the US to misuse that term for their variety of rugby.

The game of football as we know it was conceived by the end of the 19th century in England and called Association Football. It was basically an attempt to make it more safe than the unregulated variety kids were playing before then.

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@El_Perseguidor Welcome to fluther, thanks for your answers.

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@Ivan Thanks… I use to watch American Football in ESPN in Spanish, I think is good sport, I would like to have some kind of emotional attach for some Team you know, that really makes the difference. Like when I watch the team of my country or my town playing Fútbol, you know… The world cup is maybe the most important time, I am excited cause is next year, I remember USA 94 probably the best World cup that I watched. I was in school and the teachers brought tv´s… and we change the hours of school to see the matches!!!!

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@YARNLADY Why are you asking questions that you seem to have the answer to already. At least that is what my feeling is after more closely researching the link you included. Too much time at hand? ;-) (Edit: not intended to be nasty, trust me.)

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@whitenoise I read all the answers to the question I linked, and nowhere does it say what other people in the world call the game we call football here in the US. It is all about the debate over the name soccer, just as many of the answers here are. I want to know (and there are some answers here) what do they call the game we know as football?

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In The Netherlands we call it ‘Amerikaans voetbal’.

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Handball with pigskin shaped ovoid.

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in Norway we call it Amerikansk Fotball i.e American Football

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In the uk we call it American Football. We call Football, Football. We also officially add a Football to Rugby, so Rugby Football and we call ten pin bowling Crown Green Bowling and we play it on a huge grass lawn. Oh wait they are different. A bit.

In the north we also refer to football as soccer (sort of a nickname) as in “ey up yooth, you comin out… Soccer”

I think the word “soccer” was dropped into the US with a load of footballs as a way of getting the yanks interested, since you hosted a world cup (and automatically qualified) then didn’t win it I’m not sure how dearly you took it to your heart. Still at least you bought Beckham, which means he could play third division football in LA.

Apparently (wikipedia) American Football was formed by taking rugby and football elements and mixing the two. So American Football is the official name as it’s a hybrid of two older games one of which you took the name from.

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Just stumbled upon this

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Only the americans call their football football and mean the american style of rugby… so in the EU and all other football-enthusiastic countries it is what it is: Fútbol, Fußball, soccer/football… The greatest Team-Sport on earth…

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For what it’s worth, when NFL Europa was in existence, it was formally called “World League of American Football”.

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In Mexico at least we call it American football, while it is a pretty common sport here too (especially for HS and college) but there’s no semblance of a professional league.

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Yes, I always thought handball is a better name. More than any other American sport, the ball remains in the hands. More so than even handball..

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Thats what we call Gridiron (American Football)
Our football here in Australia is
Rugby Union
Rugby League
Touch Football
Then there is Soccer…

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Yeah, we call it “Australian Rules Football.”

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@Ivan Ha guess that would make sense :)

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It’s more like “Americans call football soccer” :P

In the Netherlands it’s just American Football, whereas football is voetbal.

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@musicman997 Did you mean American Football?? I was a little confused when I read your response, I thought you were trying to say that the rest of the world didn’t play football or “soccer” as some may call it.
The truth is, football has many names throughout the world, but in the end, it will always be football. That’s why FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is the head of everything that has to do with football.

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they dont have football duh LOL

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Canadians play Canadian Football, which according to Wiki, “is closely related to American football, but with significant differences.”

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Canadian football is like Canadian beer… flat, colorless and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.~

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Mostly we dont mention it & it has little or no impact outside of North America. However when it does come up we call it American Football.

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Mostly we dont mention it & it has little or no impact outside of North America. However when it does come up we call it American Football.
The condensed version…
thank God for American movies though huh Joker?

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@SeventhSense…. Hahahahaha, cheeky!

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Gadzooks…......I bet they call American football “sissy rugby”! Har har har

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American football

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IPCASM (Intimate physical contact amongst sweaty men)
or Pussy Rugby

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@ragingloli That surely sounds like something a jock would call another jock.

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We call is American Football but I have heard it called Gridiron before.

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