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Can I fly fish Grand Lake, Oklahoma?

Asked by hoteipdx (251points) June 17th, 2009

We are going to a family reunion along Grand Lake, Oklahoma. I have been learning to fly fish on smaller stretches of rivers in Oregon. We are working on packing for our trip and I am wondering if it is worth my time / space to pack my fly fishing gear. I do not want to be the guy who shows up at a down-hill slope with his cross-country skis, so to speak. I know that the lake is filled with bass, catfish, and crappies.

Any help along these lines would be appreciated.

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I called a local expert who confirmed that taking my fly fishing gear to Grand Lake would be a waste of time.

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Your “expert” must be right, I searched google for 20min and only found 65+ guides willing to take people fly fishing, so…..ya a waste of time (mostly my time).
good luck

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