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Which is healthier: wheat break or multigrain bread?

Asked by boydieshere (166points) December 30th, 2007

What are the pros and cons of each?

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multigrain is better for you

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Good question..
really any bread that have 19 carbs or less and 4 grams of sugar. No corn syrup. I’ve learned this from a nutrionist when had gestional diabetes. Some of the brands of wheat bread or multigrain have corn syrup in it or the ‘health’ food.

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Both options are better than white bread for your health, so you’re already taking a step in the right direction. I’m not a nutritionist but have been reading a lot on this subject lately. I“d realy recommend Michael Pollan’s new book on this topic, which just came out this week.

When it comes to multigrains, humans are omnivores and are meant to eat a very varied diet. Unfortuantely, due to the way our agricultural system is set up, we end up getting almost all of our calories from wheat, corn, rice, and soy (even our meat calories originate from those 4 foods, since most cows are no longer pastured on grass, and are instead fed a grain/soy mixture—which we then ingest when we eat the cows).

Since different types of grains have different nutrients, it would make sense that a multigrain bread would be better for you because you’re getting exposed to nutrients from different grains. But, as Jill E points out, most bread that you would buy in the supermarket, which comes in a plastic bag, has many preservatives, sweeteners, and other random ingredients——this is true even for “healthy” multigrain bread. When in doubt, follow the “5 ingredient rule.” If a packaged food has more than 5 ingredients, or any ingredients that you can’t pronounce, avoid it. Bread should have ingredients that your grandmother would recognize: flour, yeast, possibly oil or eggs, and salt…much more than that and you’re probably losing many of the benefits that the varied healthy grains would provide.

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also try sprouted breads. i find them easier to digest too.

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