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I'm obsessed with a guy I met at a club the other night, but I didn't get a clear name or number...

Asked by jz1220 (829points) December 30th, 2007

It was in Vegas, I’m from California and he’s from New Jersey. The chances of us meeting again are virtually null. He was perfect, funny, sarcastic, good looking. I was too shy to ask him for his number.

What should I do?? I really don’t want this guy to slip away…

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Maybe post on

I would say the odds are really slim of finding him. Your time might be better spent looking for the next Mr. Right.

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Same thing – craigs list.
Missed connections.
Ditto johnpowell. Slim chance but worth a try.

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the same thing happened to a friend of mine who works in CV. He met the girl of his dreams on the subway but he was too shy to get her number. Anyways he blogged about it and set up a website. : . Eventually one of the girls friends came across the website and they met again. Heres the video about it :

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it happened to me three days ago! I was at the airport and we got on the same plane but didnt talked…He who was very handsome and classy made an eyes on me..There was no chance to meet him…i feel terrible why at least didnt smile to him?!

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@Mirza Yep, do the Patrick Moberg thing. That got all the way out here in Australia on the news so come up with some sweet way to profess your love to a stranger and get on TV!

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I have a big romantic story about a woman who lit me up at first sight. What I eventually got out of it is that although she is wonderful and it is wonderful that she does that to me, it’s not just about some magical connection between the two of us. It’s that she reflects back to me a clear vision of my capacity to love a woman in an amazing, wonderful way… and that’s not just about her, it’s about a possibility that might not work out with her, but could work out with others.

Let it inspire you, but don’t make it be that you must connect with that one person. It’s about your potential to love extraordinarily, not about some unique magic that they necessarily have.

Also, if you seek out strangers (especially ones who live on the other side of the world) and tell them how you’re crazy about them, they tend to think you’re at least a little bit crazy. Especially if they haven’t had a similar experience. Relationships grow from shared experiences, and tend to get messed up when people get off the same page.

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Let me give you a different perspective. Forget all the romantic maybes and fanciful crap you’re hearing about and think about a worst-case scenario: you never find him and never see him again.

Now that we’ve shed a Samuel Butler tear, lets move on. The next time you meet some fantastic guy (and I’d be willing to venture that it’ll happen again) what will you do differently? My hope is that you will next time regard those attributes you found so endearing to be reasons to speak up rather than hush up.


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@paulc-point taken (although reminds me a bit of that drill seargent guy from Full Metal Jacket-LOL)-I’m sure the ‘buck up’ method works for some though..

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Thanks for all the responses. It’s been a little over a week since I met him, and I haven’t found him, but I think I’m mostly over it. Still, though, such an encounter has never stayed with me for so long. Sigh…

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join the club…I iwish I read your post earlier…I would have asked the guy I met for his number…sigh.

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I met a cute German guy at a club 2 weeks ago. It was my second last day in New York so i didnt asked for his number , i have a faint memory of giving my number to him though . We kissed and danced at the club and every thing was perfect. My friend took some picture of us together , next day when i saw the the pictures i started to have strong feeling for him. I tried to find him in facebook but couldnt find him. Even though I know his first and last name i am still unable to find him. Phew !!!!! why didnt i asked for his number :(

So next time if you ever meet the right kind of guy dont wait….. make the connection

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Why did my comment get erased??

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