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I can't stop eating unhealthy, no matter how hard I try, any tips?

Asked by J3SSK4 (86points) June 17th, 2009

I’m not comfortable with the way I look at all. Guys flirt with my bestfriend infront of me all the time and it kills me. I try so hard to be pretty and people tell me im pretty all the time but im sick of hearing that. Fat is not pretty and no guys like fat girls. I’ve been dieting and i even did weight watchers and lost 13 pounds but i stopped going and started the carb diet where i lost another 10 but now i keep cheating every other day. And i feel bad for doing it after but i dont think when i go for the batch of brownies ( that i might add my mom makes every other night—the nights i cheat)and when i eat them i just say “i already cheated, mine as well keep going” so now im stuck at 156 and im not gonna be able to wear a bakini this summer like all my friends.

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Throw away all junk foods in your house.
Find a hobby to keep you distracted from eating unhealthy food

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First, some guys like fat girls.

Try using a program like It helps you really realize what you’re putting in your body and can make that no-brownies switch flip in your head. You have to use it though.

Your diet depends 100% on YOU. There are tips and tricks that will help, but either you want to lose weight enough to stop grabbing the brownies and start exercising, or you don’t. And if you don’t, it’s really ok.

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Are you one of the girls in your avatar/icon? If so, sweetie, you are far from fat. How tall are you? When taking weight into consideration you have to take height into consideration, too.

Let your mom know that you’re trying to eat healthier and maybe she can help you out. Ask her to cut back a little and possibly to get more veggies and fruits for you to snack on. Carrots are really good when you get the munchies, so try to get some of those. When you get a snack-attack grab them and eat however many you want. :)

Another great thing to try are fresh fruit smoothies. They’re delicious and are good for replacing a typical dessert. Whatever you do, don’t skip meals. If you do, your body will basically “stock up” to make sure you have enough nutrients. Also drink a lot of water, especially when you get a craving. It’s really good at filling up your tummy – and try really, really cold water since it gives your metabolism a boost.

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Yea, I am. But I’m not. I’m like 5’6 and I’ll be 15 in 11 days and being that age and height you shouldnt have the gut i have. I just wanna feel pretty for once.

And i’ve tried talking to my mom about her bringing in brownies but she doesn’t stop. She just laughs about it. They are the cause of why i cheat.

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@J3SSK4 Maybe I’m being harsh, and believe me, I know diets are really, really hard. But the brownies are not why you cheat. They’re not jumping into your mouth and making you chew. When a person is successful at losing weight it’s because they make a conscious decision to chose healthy options.

I’ve been trying to lose ten pounds for like 6 months. The food isn’t the problem. I am the problem. My own self-control is my problem. I’ll be surrounded by cheese and bread and ice cream and fries for my whole life, just like there will always be bakeries in your life. When I lost 25lbs it was due to extreme self control, not a lack of fattening food floating around my life.

Harshness over.

From the looks of your avatar, you are very pretty just as you are. @DrasticDreamer has some great tips. Also, grapes and natural frozen fruit bars make you feel like you’re being decadent but are way healthier than a lot of other options.

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Your right. Thanks.

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@J3SSK4 Yeah, just talk to your mom and tell her there are a couple of things you’d appreciate from the store next time she goes grocery shopping. The frozen fruit bars are honestly really good, and they’re not insanely expensive. If she won’t buy them for you, save up some of your own money (job? allowance?) and buy the stuff that’s good for you. Things that make you feel like you are cheating when you’re actually not.

You are really beautiful as is – whichever girl you are in the pic, you’re both very pretty – but I wish you the best of luck. :)

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Thankyou so much. You guys really do help. I’m determained to wake up tomorrow on the right side of the bed. Serve my last day of school for the year and work on that bakini body! :)

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Find something healthy you like to snack on. I freeze blueberries and eat those. Freezing fruit is great because it takes you a while to eat it and you eat less. Also, there are many, many options as far as food that can keep you from gaining and might even help you lose weight.

On another and MUCH more important note, 156 at 5’6” is NOT fat. Its healthy-ish, depending on your build. Maybe instead of being focused on LOSING weight, you need to focus on firming up or working on areas of concern with exercise. Like doing sit ups and such for a “gut.” That will change your appearance. If you know what you want to look like, work toward that and stop worrying about the number on the scale. Its irrelevant.

P.S. Its “bikini.”

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First of all, and I’m all for eating healthier, I think that’s great! And I’m really proud of you for wanting a healthier lifestyle! It sounds like you’re well on your way, great job!

But, I also know what it’s like to be 14. It’s really easy to get caught up in insecurities, and thinking that you’re not thin enough, not cool enough, not pretty enough, or special enough, or any number of other things. Whether you lose a few pounds or not, I just hope that you learn to appreciate yourself and your body the way you are. All the best of luck to you!

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In your mind is the answer. If you want to change yourself, only you can do it. But, remember that the real friends in your life love you for exactly who you are. Nobody is perfect, we all have things we wish we could change. For example, I am a short guy, no matter how hard I try I will and never could change that. I have learned to live with me..and I love me. You are loved, and even if it is only one person, that is important. Do not be too hard on yourself, your brief words make you seem like a nice person, and you will find happiness as long as you are happy with who you are. But that does not stop you from making changes. People will notice and then you will be encouraged. I wish you well in your search to solve this situation.

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It’s not entirely about what you eat; you also need to be getting plenty of exercise. Walk instead of driving, get off the bus a few blocks early, take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators, start swimming at your local pool, start jogging around a park or on a tread mill.

You’ll find you can have that brownie now and then if you are keeping active.

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Whatever you do, do NOT deprive yourself of food. Your body is still in its growing stage at 15, and likely won’t stop growing until you are 18 or 19, and you need nutrients. I say this because I remember a lot of other girls when I was 15 who developed eating disorders at my school. Also, I myself wasted so much time and energy telling myself I was fat all through high school and college. Looking back at those photos now, I realized that I was NOT fat, in fact I was pretty darn cute, just like you. You have so many years ahead of you to look good in a bikini, once your hormones stop raging and you settle in to your adult body. You may even find that in a couple of years, you will naturally shed those extra pounds.

Also, if you are really concerned with eating the right foods, fill up on vegetables, fruit, and water, and when you eat bread or other starch make sure it is whole grains. Have a few nuts here and there to control your cravings for fatty food. To control my chocolate cravings, cinnamon seems to work—I put lots of it in my coffee, tea, yogurt, whatever. If you find yourself wanting to eat when you are not physically hungry, that is a temporary mental condition—work through it. Go brush your teeth. Grab a pen and make a pro con list for eating/not eating the brownies. Go paint your nails. Go call your grandma or auntie or another older person you trust, they have lots to offer the world.

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I think a general rule is – anythng in MODERATION, and also, the more you eat RAW stuff, the better. Be gentle on yourself and keep talking to mom. Join up at – join a group for support and discussion.

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Instead of focusing on food, maybe the answer is to increase your activity level. If you spend a couple hours a week being more active, you’ll improve your muscle tone and burn calories. It doesn’t take much – put on your iPod and go take a brisk walk for a couple miles. Or find a gym and learn how to work the cardio machines, or take a spinning class.

Not only will you look better, you’ll feel better, and you’ll be doing good things for your heart.

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Instead of worrying about losing weight, try concerning yourself with becoming more healthy. I’m the chief of sinners when it comes to having no willpower. If there are sweets in my house, I’ll eat them, usually in one sitting. That’s why when I am trying to eat healthier, I can’t have any sweets in my house. But I live alone. Perhaps if these brownies are the problem, your mom might get the hint if the brownies ended up in the trash every time they were made.

Don’t worry so much about carbs. Worry about bad carbs. Sugar, in other words. Eat whole carbs. And workout. Cardio is good, but if you’re really wanting to look better in a bikini, you need to throw in some resistance exercises too. Weights are great, but if you don’t have access, you can do bodyweight exercises like pushups and pullups.

And always, always remember—the sexiest part of any woman is her attitude. Confidence and mystery are sexier than any flat tummy.

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Yea Activity is definatly not my problem. I jog 2 miles about 3 times a week and play rugby and lacrosse. I just need to have self control and be determained which I am now thanks to you guys.

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Well it sounds like your problem is probably in your head, then.

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Eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. Every time you want a brownie, go for an apple instead. (Even if you have to eat 5 apples to curb your appetite, do it, I’m not kidding!) Once you get in the habit of choosing high volume low calorie foods it gets easier. I am a grazer and used to weigh over 200 lbs. Once I stopped grazing on low volume , high calorie foods (chips, cookies, brownies) and traded them for low calorie , high volume foods I was able to maintain a healthy weight. also avoid eating out as much as you can. If you must do fast food, switch to the kids meals with healthy alternative sides. It’s plenty! And cheaper!

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Great Post!! It is funny because I just created a video about the Two Reasons we are addicted to junk food. Here is the video MSG and Aspartame are very dangerous food enhancers. Ever wonder why you cannot eat just one chip! Well you might not know but the Food Admin knows and created these drugs to get you hooked. Take your health seriously and GET FIT WITH PASSION

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