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Am I allowed to put freelance work in my portfolio?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) June 17th, 2009

Am I allowed to put work I do for a business or person in my portfolio? For example I did two logos last week, can I put them in my portfolio or do I need to ask the person for their permission?

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I would ask for their permission.

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I would. Freelance work is still business.

It would even be a good interview point. It shows people are interested in your talent outside of a company guided setting.

It is usually understood, as long as your not using your design to make money, just to represent your skills.

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@bri well i just meant as far a legally and is it right to just assume since I did the work I can put it in my portfolio.

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Ask first. I actually have it in my contract. My lawyer added it.

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@johnny0313x – What I have gotten in the habit of doing is bringing it up in the begging and including it in the paperwork they sign. But the worst I have ever even heard of happening and only once was someone was asked to remove the item because the product in the peace was pulled.

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I see okay, I think that answers my question, thanks guys. I have just been doing some freelance stuff online, do you think I should have some kind of legal documents as well? I just kinda looked at it as some extra side cash here and there.

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It comes down to how comfortable you are with the people your dealing with. It never hurts.

I don’t know that you have to have a lawyer like johnpowell, I certainly don’t. But I also imagine I don’t do work on the level he does if he can afford a lawyer.

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Definitely ask first, unless you’ve already covered yourself like johnpowell has.

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You need to have a line in your contract covering this exact case. If you’re not using a contract for your freelancing, you need to be, you’ll get burned eventually without one, I promise you. The line should be something along the lines of, ”[Your name] reserves the right to display the logo as a part of their design portfolio.”

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Go with what they are telling you.

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