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What cause might make you protest on the streets of your city?

Asked by dannyc (5240points) June 17th, 2009

Self you have a passion that makes you want to shout?

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Disfranchisement. Most other issues are probably dealt with by targeted activist groups (of which I will probably never have an association).

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Prohibition. And then it wouldn’t be any fun because it couldn’t be a drunken protest!

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Doesn’t really answer the question, but I’d be up in arms if I was in Iran right about now.

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I’ve protested for GLBT (gay) rights and against the war in Iraq (before we started it, there’s no point now). Two of my best friends are protesting what’s going on in their country (Iran) right now. I’m out of town at the moment, but if I was home I would probably be there in the street with them.

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My what?

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Probably nothing. I think protesting is useless and the manpower could accomplish much more much quicker through other means.

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@hug_of_war: Do you think that if tens of thousands of Persians weren’t out in the streets protesting we here in America would have ever heard anything about the possibility of it being rigged? Who would have told us? The Ayatollah? I don’t think so.

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No one will realize what your saying, fyi…

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@boots: Actually, I got it. Fyi…

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In the 60’s I frequently marched and occasionally was tear gassed during the Viet Nam war protests in DC.

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Well awesome! <3 for you for knowing the way Ivan grew up… I mean, I’ve only known him since he was like 6…

Hell, if Ivan gets the lurve then I should too! He lives a whole 7 miles away from me!

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@boots: Tone it down, love. It seemed obvious that he meant he didn’t live in a city. If there’s some special deep hidden meaning, then I am just so sorry for intruding on you two’s special relationship that no one else could ever understand!

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That’s mostly sarcasm, honey. :)

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i do have a few passions, but i’m not sure about my views on protesting. power to the people who protest, and do so in a non-violent manner. i think it can absolutely be effective if there are enough people with enough passion. the problem is often finding that many people with that much passion who are all willing to protest in a way that will allow for people to take them seriously.

anyway. i’m incredibly passionate about same-sex marriage (absolutely for it). i’m also pretty much against offshore drilling, but i don’t feel like i have quite enough background knowledge to feel 100% comfortable protesting it (when you protest, it’s pretty hard to be specific and get your entire point across if it’s not extreme), and i would not protest something i don’t feel like i know completely.

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lol, no one will ever understand the special relationship boots and I have!

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@Ivan Anyone before idiocy or ridiculousness should know.

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Netnutrality, I would fight for that.

Maybe Dataliberation depending.

If there were a stupid politician that had no morals, voice my opinion.

Id protest against cooperations that make promises they don’t keep (such as phone companies accepting tax payers money to putting in fiber data lines by [2005?] and not following through… oh wait…I think everyone forgot about that)

idk, anything that pushes my buttons…

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On the UK, fathers for justice.
The law here sucks for dads who want to be a dad! I’d protest anytime, anywhere to get the rights us dads deserve in order to have the parental responsibility I crave for my children

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@Bobbydavid the law doesn’t suck, and I wish it did because then all we’d need to do is change the law. The law is fine, it’s the judges that never implement it. And the UK is actually fairly law-abiding compared to other countries.

2 days ago I proved in court that my ex wife is psychotic, that she takes drugs and has molested our daughter, that her father (who lives under the same roof) is a paedophile and that the rest of her family are even worse. Oh and that they kidnapped her for ransom on 3 different occasions. They even admit to most of the charges themselves. There’s even a video (finally admitted as evidence after a huge struggle) where my daughter speaks out against her abusers. And I have 25 different witnesses saying I am the ideal parent. And even so, my lawyers are not that optimistic about custody. All we’re trying to push is for the child to get out of the abusive environment and into some sort of care facility. Or that social services will look into it.

hang in there, mate, you’re not alone.

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It’s sucks in the sense that 2 years on, I’m still fighting what sometimes feels a losing battle. Hearing your great news though (and congratulations!) does give me some hope. I’m actually trying to prove the exact same thing.

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Oh, totally agree about the judges too. Don’t they just need a good shaking into the real world?

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not sure if I have good news yet. This is the same judge that last time said “yeah, I know your daughter is being molested. Let her get used to it” (!) but I think she realised her mistake this time.

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So the judges are all the same. I thought it was just the ones on my court!

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Human rights
Auditing the Fed
Ending the War in Iraq
The law that merely mentioning Chuck Norris gets you a laugh

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Animal cruelty. In NY, Mayor Bloomberg is having geese near the airports rounded up and gassed to prevent another “Miracle on the Hudson”.

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I would protest a sexy girls wearing sexy lingerie shortage… not much else.

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Universal Health Care

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