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Do smoking cigarettes have a negative effect when working out?

Asked by Soapy (99points) June 18th, 2009

I smoke roughly half a pack a day, and me and my buddy are now going to the gym and doing 30min of cardio then lifting lightly…is it basically useless working out when I smoke?

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Healthy, unhealthy, -Pick a side!

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They’re bad, no matter what you’re doing.

Doing cardio will help, buy it will be extremely hard when your lungs are covered in tar. Use the working out as a way to quit. It gives you an attainable goal, and something to do in pmave of smoking.

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This is a troll, right?

What @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities said: either live healthily or don’t. Why are you bothering to work out if you continue to smoke? Or are you simply lookng for justification?

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You’d be surprised how many people work out and yet still smoke. I wasn’t looking for judgment, I was simply looking for an answer that wasn’t sarcastic.

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Working out will always have some benefits, whether you smoke or not. You may have a rougher time while doing it… but it’s still worthwhile.

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I understand I have to quit, but it’s a lengthy and complicated process, and i figured i might as well start one habit and try to quit another…otherwise i’ll never work out unless i have a reason to quit

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Well since you weren’t looking for sarcasm… Then yeah… Smoking cigarettes have a negative effect no matter what you’re doing. Whether it’s walking the dog or eating food or even trying to be social around non-smokers (i.e. most of the population).

In fact smoking cigarettes would have an even more pronounced effect when working out because one of the effects of smoking is to make a person tired more easily. So if you’re more tired when working out, you’re not allowing your body to take full potential of the working-out session = less workout done = less gained = less healthy body

And that’s plus what you’ve already lost by smoking.


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@Soapy I follow your reasoning, but don’t you already have enough reasons to quit?

My father had always promised my mother, “When I have clear evidence that smoking is damaging my health, I’ll stop.” The doctors found the first tumor on his lungs in 1993, and he kept his promise. “Lengthy and complicated”? He just put the cigarettes down and never picked them up again. It bought him an extra 10 years: the second tumor took him from us in 2003.

Painful quitting smoking? Try lung cancer.

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Should you stop working out because you smoke? No.
Are you inhibiting your ability to make serious strides? Probably.
Should you quit? Of course.

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Just like everyone else has said, working out doesn’t counter the effects of smoking.

Quitting isn’t always easy, but the key to breaking the addiction starts in your mind. If you don’t really want to quit, you won’t.

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Any physical exercise is better than not doing it.
I think you can rate them on this scale from least healthiest(3) to healthiest(1)

3.the one who smokes and doesn’t exercise,
2.the one who smokes and does exercise
1.the one who doesn’t smoke and exercises

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working out has still has benefits, but cigarettes absolutely still have a negative impact, regardless of what you do, and working out isn’t going to counter those effects. most likely, if you continue to smoke, it will just be harder to actually achieve those effects, because you lungs are going to be in bad shape.

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@saturated_brain, although cigarettes are bad which is very much talked about on this topic, please do your research on the subject because it is not fact that smoking makes you tired. nicotein is used either to keep you awake or make you tired… Also please show some simpathy for this guy as nicotein is an addiction and like your self smokers are people too.. also consider that depending on the person i.e. stress and other things that make it very hard for one to quit.. smoking is habit forming and the best way for one quit is to do it for yourself…@papaleo i believe the best way to be strong is to live strong… ive also lost family to cancer due to smoking and second hand smoke as well..and i know what im talking about when it comes to smoking because ive taken the cold turkey road on my quitting after 8yrs and i also go to the gym four times aweek. as for the original question your best bet is to quit smoking you’ll add yrs to your life and feel better!

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Smoking cigarettes represents a real danger for a person’s health, no matter what he is doing. With the help of gym it should be easier to quit, you can see how hard it is to breathe when you exercise and it makes you tired even more.

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