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Is it really necessary for the @reply feature to be case sensitive?

Asked by brettvdb (1192points) June 18th, 2009

I don’t like how the @reply function is case sensitive. What do all of you think?

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When you type the @sign, usually a list of people comes up. You can click and it will auto fill their name. That way you can easily spell names that are hard to see or spell, and the case issue is bypassed completely.

If you choose to type the names manually and have the @links created automatically without using the popup menu, then the burden is on you to spell names correctly, including using case. That’s not too much to ask, really.

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I agree that it’s not a lot to ask to have the @reply function accept both upper and lowercase.

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It’s probably harder to code if it isn’t case sensitive. But either way I don’t really care.

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I just don’t like how it only works at the very beginning of a comment.

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I think that it works mid @Ivan comment…

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removed by me. beaten to the comment.

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I meant the auto complete feature.

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It seems to auto complete until I hit enter. The case doesn’t matter, but auto complete is nice for replying to multiple people and trying to keep it looking tidy.

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@Ivan It’s a bug in YUI’s autocompleter. If you want to do an @reply at the beginning of your second paragraph, type a space first.

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@andrew Thanks for the tip.

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It should be case sensitive, since it is referring to someone’s name.

It wouldn’t be right for people to be calling you brAttydb or bettydb, so why not just spell their name the way it was intended?

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