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As a business major, where is a good place to do community service hours for applying to a university?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) June 18th, 2009

How many hours would I need? And what kind of community service would be the best?

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Someplace like this maybe?

How would we know how many hours you need?

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I would like people that have actually gone to college, to answer this question, with all do respect.

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There’s no requirement for community service in most universities’ application processes. On the other hand, being able to demonstrate that you are involved in your community and that you have a life out of academics is one of the things that will help you in getting into college.

So find something you really care about—something you’d do even if you weren’t hoping to use it in an application package—and do it until it feels right.

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It doesn’t have to be related to my major?

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What makes you think I haven’t gone to college?

* due *

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As a business major, your skills could be used in non profits helping with the bookkeeping, setting up systems,etc.
Non profits always need help and even more right now with the economy. Also, it would be contributing something positive to the community and will look good on a resume or college app.

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City hall, United Way,.... We have one organization here (every community probably has one) that gives jobs to people with developmental disabilities. Being a job coach would be a good way to get supervision experience and exposure to different types of businesses.

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Your volunteer time doesn’t have to be related to your major in any way, shape, or form. They—and future employers—just want to know that you are interested and involved with the community. If there isn’t anywhere to volunteer that you are interested in their cause, then you should fall back on skills learned in school and you can count it as an unpaid job.

To give an example: as a business major, I volunteer sorting books for a non-profit bookstore. I love the the charity I work with and it has nothing to do with my actual major. But it still shows community involvement that may have been important in getting into business school.

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You can find what you need at volunteer match
When they ask for community service on the application, they mean what community groups have you done volunteer work for.

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Free Geek would be a great option.

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@tramnineteen Welcome to Fluther, the link you have provided is a great program.

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