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What music should I add to this playlist?

Asked by gymnastchick729 (1182points) June 18th, 2009

I do gymnastics at a local gym on the “off-competing” season and usually, I’m the oldest in the class. It really helps if you are working out to music and the only thing my coach has it Disney junk like Radio Disney, Hannah Montana etc. She says it would be ok if I were to make a playlist of songs to be played during class. What suggestions do you have? They have to be somewhat appropriate, like ages 10–15.

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Why not ask the others what they would like to hear? That way you’d be sure to have all the right stuff! You could make a flyer and pass it out to the others for suggestions.

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You might check this link

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Anything that gets you feeling like you just want to move and jump around. There is a lot of 80s music that will do that.

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Thats true. I had a neighbor who played a lot of 80’s music, and I wanted to move.

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I’m not good at playlists but try picking one song and let iTunes genius do the rest. On a side note, congrats to the coach for making sure that all music is age friendly. So many places overlook that. I have heard 50 cent at shopping malls and explicit lyrics at daycares.

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