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How can I make a quick 100,000 dollars?

Asked by thegodfather (750points) December 30th, 2007

How hard is it to ask Warren Buffet or Bill Gates to part with just 1/4,000,000th of their net worth? I have to believe that there are easier ways to gain $100K in a year than my current job…

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What do you want $100,000 for?

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Legally or… ?

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@zaku what wouldn’t you want $100,000 for?

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@uberbatman Is there an appropriate direct answer to that question? Some ideas: Money itself doesn’t accomplish much. Some things one might want, money doesn’t help with. Often wanting money is a way people get stuck about not facing what they really want or are afraid of. Rarely is the actual answer to someone’s suffering that they need more money.

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@zaku nice insightful answer, though i’m pretty sure money could solve all of my current problems. I’m a rather happy person, just poor ^_^. Ah well another day another dollar.

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@uberbatman That’s great that you’re happy like that. Often though, people find a comfortable way of being with comfortable problems, and it limits what their life could be like, and one common way is to frame things in terms of money. Nothing wrong with that, but consider: what would change if you had enough money to solve those money problems you have in mind?

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@zaku i see where you are going with this as it is that often told story, the man with all the money in the world still can’t find true happiness. As far as what would change if i had the money to solve my problems? Well really i don’t think much. I wouldnt want a big house fancy car anything like that. I just would be able to get by easily and no longer be in debt.

“The best things in life are free But you can keep them for the birds and bees Now give me money That’s what I want.”

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If there was an answer that simple, I think the secret would get out pretty quickly.

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People usually talk about getting a million dollars in get rich quick schemes. I thought putting the question out there as 100,000 might get more reasonable or credible answers. Also, I’d be perfectly content with 100 grand, but less than that, I’m afraid I’ll continue to have expenses (like home, etc.) that will require some kind of debt to pay off.

That being said, my conclusion so far is to start a worthwhile business rather than use investments, or other means to acquire 100 grand or more. That seems to be the fastest method, but also the hardest (sweat capital vs. long-term investing smarts).

As for money bringing happiness, it appears that moving from poverty level to upper middle class does bring more happiness than moving from upper middle class to more riches.

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I personally don’t believe in “get rich quick schemes”. Some people may disagree, but i think that money should be hard-earned—this motivates people to work harder.

I do agree that money can significantly increase your level of satisfaction which would naturally make you happy.

@thegodfather: i know i didn’t really answer your question, but you are aware of the fact that neither bill gates nor warren buffet got rich through “get rich quick schemes” . They had to work really hard for what they achieved and it took them quiet some time to amass their wealth

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Actually mirza, Bill Gates stole MS Dos by changing the A prompt to a C promt and sold partial rights to it to IBM.

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But as for making 100K, auto sales and real estate agents make that much. The average broker in my agents office in Scottsdale AZ makes 500K per year and my agent is above average. Though the average agent overall makes between 70K and 150K that includes part time agents. Pool cleaners average 100K per year although some prefer to work only 4 days a week for less money. I know someone with a hot dog stand who clears 200K. All real jobs but it’s not really quick.

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when you learn the answer pls share us!

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Use the law of attraction. Determine in your heart and mind that you will be open to receiving $100,000 and it might find its way to you in time (with less effort than you might imagine).

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@ironhiway: the two hot dogs stand in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY reported make about $50k a month (they both have the same owner)

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Climb your career ladder or launch a worthwhile business proposal. Unless you already have a couple million set aside, there is not a quick and legal way to make $100,000.

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@uberbatman I understand. Credit card debt is well worth getting rid of as soon as possible. It sounds like you will do well and continue to be happy. I’m really happy for you. :-)

Oh and as for the original question, I don’t think that soliciting the very wealthy is a bad idea… if you have a worthwhile idea that you’re well suited to carry out yourself. I recommend something other than another scheme to make more money. People with excessive wealth and an interest in spreading it to others’ projects may be more interested in projects that do something other than just increase what they already have an abundance of.

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@zaku any ideas to pitch to these very wealthy people?

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@uberbatman: yes you can solicit the rich for money. For example, when I needed money for college, I asked Bill Gates for moeny through the means of a scholarship essay . It just so happens that Bill Gates liked my essay and now he gives me $ 3500 a year for my college tuition.

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@uberbatman I think the answer would be different for everyone. It depends on what each person is good at. Sometimes it’s what you would do anyway, but some cash-flow would make a huge difference. You could also see what others have done in this way and think what you could do. Mirza’s is a good example for people going to college. I expect billionaire’s foundations (e.g. The Gates Foundation, The Paul Allen Foundation, The Rockerfeller Foundation) publish lists of people and projects they’ve contributed to. If you do something that the government might commission, they publish Requests For Proposals (RFP’s), though that’s can be a bit daunting.

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Mug every pimp in the city, then pawn all their clothing and jewelry.

Further discussion will be addressed in the question “How do I survive multiple hitmen?”

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win the lottery

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hopefully someone will be kind enough to help me with that amount to pay for some pressing loans and hopefully jumpstart my financial life. 100,000 dollars is a lot of money specially here in the UAE where the exchange rate is 3.66 dirhams to the dollar.100,000 dollars is 366,000 dirhams that surely will be of great help.

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our villagers are so poor and they cnt eat proprly tey r hand 2 mouth.they r ignorant..if i get this mony m spend that money only 4 thier welfare

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our villagers are so poor,they are hand to mouth.i spend that money only for their welfare

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I sell on eBay if you sell the right things youd be surprised at what you could make. You wont make it over night but it will help you reach your goals.

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Making or asking for 100,000k NZD is not easy. I run my own business which was just starting to take off until we suffered earthquakes which wiped out 40% of my assets which had 100000k worth of loans. Since Feb 2011 I have manged to maintian viability by diversifying, working low paid contracts in order to meet the demands of my core vending business and loan interest. I work 7 days a week to meet loan repayments, solicitor fees (at least I won the custody battle) and raising a family and still consider myself lucky. Clearing the debt would make life easier. Selling on ebay doesn’t work in this country nor any other internet based systems – believe me I have lost plenty trying them we are too far from major markets even forex doesn’t work. Nevewr yet met a NZ based succesful forex trader. I also have many IT expert friends that are very savvy in these fields and they all work full time paid jobs.

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