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Who wants to join me in wishing SCCrowell and WhattheFluther heartiest felicitations on their wedding tomorrow?

Asked by janbb (60420points) June 18th, 2009

Now Sherry, don’t be late..and have a wonderful time both of you!

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and wtf, remember: a little bit of uh-huh and a whole lotta oh yeah.

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Have lots of children!

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Congratulations and good luck you two. It takes a lot of work but you both seem to be more than up to the task.

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Congratulations!!!!! soooo happy for the both of you! hope it’s a great party and we get to see lots of pics!

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Congratulations! Have a great time, both of you!

wtf, I’m sure you’ll make sure she gets there on time.

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Congratulations to both of you!!!

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Congratulations…I just ate a piece of cake in your honor.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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All the best!

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Save me a piece of cake!

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there needs to be more lurve on this thread!!

Congratulations! Have a wonderful time!

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Sincerest Felicitations to two of my very favorite flutherers! If I wasn’t broke I would so send corn and steaks for the reception!

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Congratulations guys! Much love <3.

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Oh, absolutely!! Many wild, ecstatic gelatinous cheers from us all.

>>> smooches <<<

Don’t forget the part about having your laptop along, open to THIS page so we can be there (collectively, of course) as guests—and be sure to have your picture taken with us.

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This got me reading The Wedding Proposal. What a great Fluther moment!

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Hooray! I would say “tell us about it!” but maybe you’ll have to get a bit creative.

“Would you like to hear about our wedding?”

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@LC_Beta See the fluther blog

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You should give us a live webcast of the wedding!


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The day is finally here. Have a great wedding day, and an even better wedding night. I wish you all the best for two of the best that found each other.

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May it be the most wonderful day of your lives to date!

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Is this the first Fluther wedding? Congratulations to the both of you!

@Jeruba: “gelatinous cheer”... LOL! Good one there!

Kind of a good thing they are not having a chinese wedding dinner. We’d be served for the first course – Cold Dish.

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I said what I feel here.

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Don’t forget this present and this one from the other thread!

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Wow!!! That’s great!!! Mazel Tov!!!

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Congrats guys!
I wish you the best. <3 and lots of love.

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Just know that the Fabulous Fluther Funk Band will be there in spirit.

Awright girls, hit it! uh, ow, get down now…

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@cprevite oh yes it’s ladies night…oh what…oh what a night…!

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I have a bottle of champagne I have been saving that I will be opening tomorrow in honor of our Bride and Groom.

Bring out the glasses all!

Am I the only one who thinks that this Wedding is one of the most romantic ever?

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@Dog: Absolutely.

@eponymoushipster: Go monkey, go monkey…

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You must feel like this right now WTF. Congratulations to a great couple! :D

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Beautiful, @fireside. I never saw confetti in a post before. Just beautiful. I do have to tell you that I see it in color, all those little flakes. Does anyone else?

In fact, I think this glorious romance has brought out the best in all of us. We can be very pleased with ourselves for being so wonderful. Our wonderfulness is just amazing, isn’t it? Collectively.

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Congratulations and best wishes!!
please print this page and tape it into the guest book, so I can feel like a real guest

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Yes, I am having some champers early and so what?
Congratulations, SCCrowell and WTF!!! Hic!

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Congratulations and very best wishes to you! Enjoy your wedding! :)

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whattheflutter, I see you crafting a response. Should you be here at all?

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whatthefluther… dude.. you’re getting married in less than 8 hours… GO TO SLEEP!

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Congrats to the two of you. It’s about time!

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maybe they’re consummating all over they keyboard.

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Your right I shouldn’t be here. Been real busy. Started to write a thank you, but too much to do. Thank you everyone for the kind words. I will prepare a proper thank you later today. 2.5 hrs to go. I’m off. See ya….wtf
PS: Check out part 2 of the interview when released later today…it’s got has a pretty funny real life story. Bye.

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I shall toast the happy couple from here. Salut!

Mmmmm… that’s good! Again!

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Being that I already had cake in your honor last night, perhaps tonight, being a Friday, I should toast you with a fine adult beverage. Perhaps tonight at 11pm Eastern, everyone on Fluther should grab an adult beverage of their choice (or a soft drink for you teetotalers), and raise a glass in your honor! It will be the world’s first online toast.

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Ooooo! I have Moscato D’Asti chilling in the fridge!!! A(nother) toast to the wedding couple! I’ve got enough to go around!

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can we all get one of those fun little bag of candy favors they leave at each seat, maybe with a fluther sticker? ;)

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Just in case you haven’t seen it…come on over to this thread. WTF is posting on-the-spot updates.

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Both of you have a wonderful wedding and congratulations all around! Remember, no exhibitionism until the honeymoon starts and if you take any pictures, risque or otherwise, you are required to post them on Fluther. It’s in the Terms of Service somewhere. I’ll find it.

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