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How do you "remodel" or "update" the interior of a car?

Asked by jdogg (871points) June 18th, 2009

I want to replace/remodel the dash, the stearing wheel, the glove box, and the gear shifter of my car. Are there places to by parts for this? Can I go somewhere to get this done? How expensive would this be?

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Impractical. Such things are normally only done with classic cars or hotrods. Making a dashboard would be an expensive engineering proposition.

The outlay involved in building a custom car can cost more than cost of several new cars.

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Dash: $100’s – $1000’s (dashboard cover would be a better idea)

Steering wheel: $50.00 – $100’s

gear shifter:$10.00 – $100.00

Try to find a “custom” automotive shop in your area, they can give you a price list.

There are a million different things that you cand to you ride that look great(if you want to spend the money) I have a friend that did his whole car, it cost around $75,000.00 in the end.

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What @tyrantxseries says. Also, go visit various places like O’Reilly’s and Auto Zone to see what simple things are out there.

You can also look into reupholstering the car (get a bid from a car upholstery shop) or getting a new roof liner put in (I had to do that, and it cost me about $100 but could go higher depending on what fabric or finish you choose).

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Call Xzibit!

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pimp your ride bro

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I would normally take it to the body shop :).

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