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What is the easiest way to break up with someone?

Asked by Tink (8668points) June 18th, 2009 from iPhone

I used to like him but now I don’t feel the “magic” anymore. He’s a great guy and everything but I just don’t know anymore

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I mean, the easiest way is probably to stop talking to the person until s/he gets the hint. How about the best way? That probably depends on the circumstances….

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I don’t want to be mean. Thats what most people do but I think it’s just hurtful. And I feel like he really likes me : (

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easy and nice don’t do with breakup

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Easy: Facebook, IM, etc.

But I certainly don’t recommend it.

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@tyrantxseries – But they have to
@dverhey – I see him everyday so I don’t think thats a good idea

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You sit down and do it face to face. There is no other honest way.

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@DarkScribe – I am only allowed to see him at school and it just ended. So I have to find a way to do that

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if you want to be “nice” it won’t be easy
if you wat it to be “easy” it can’t be nice

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Damn your right

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities aww..That’s right up there with breaking up with a post it note!

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@chyna – What an idea…

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You film it and show it to all your friends and laugh at someone else’s misery.

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punch him in the face and run. then change your phone number.

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Well… take the poor bastard to the mall, buy some ice cream and sit, then just tell him that you just don’t “feel the same”... “it’s not you… is just me” you know the speech.
Anyways, in a public place you reduce the possibility of a scene.
And… Don’t worry if he cry… some day some body is going to make you cry too.. that’s life…

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@alive – LOL
@El_Perseguidor – Good idea. Someone already made me cry :..(

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Oh there are 50 ways

Paul Simon

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Lurve for Steve Gadd. One of the best drummers ever.

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Go and sit down with him and talk with him about it. If you both care for each other then that’s the best way. I’m guessing that both of you will probably cry due to this, but trust me, this is the nicest and the easiest way to do it.

You won’t be left feeling like an ass for just dumping him like that (although you might still probably feel like an ass) and at least you’ll have the knowledge that he knows that you were good enough to talk to him about it.

It may be hard, but in the long run, it’s the easiest and the best.

And really, you’re 14 girl. Trust me, there’s still a lot for you to learn..

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@Saturated_Brain – Thanks I’m thinking about telling him tomorrow

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Yuh… Um I would just not talk to the guy anymore but iv always done it the hard way as of to tell them I don’t like them anymore. Ugh I hate it but, what else can I do?
Sorry if u got really good responded compared to this one or I don’t even know how old this question is. I’m too lazy to look and to read all your responces. Sorry if I’m late but. That’s what I think.

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Eh I’ll still accept answers no matter how old they are :)

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Hey Tink you know what to do. Let us know what happens. You are good.

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Tomorrow :(
Im so nervous though

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Well the last guy I dated broke up with me by sending me a TEXT saying how I’m such an awesome girl but he just doesn’t think it working.

-EASY for him
-Pissed me off!

…So I agree with everyone else if you truly wanna do it nicely it will not be easy. You just got to decide which one is more of a priority:
-Being Nice
-It being easy on you

Only you can decide that.

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I’m gonna personally talk to him

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That’s best. Talk with him face to face. Try and make sure he knows it’s not about him, it’s about you and your lack of spark. Face to face is certainly not the easiest, but it is the best way.

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“Easy” is the coward’s way out (via text, email, dropping contact, post-it note, etc.), in that it’s easier for the breaker and it leaves the breakee to wonder and fume.

The reasonable way, which you’ve chosen, is maybe harder because you have to own up to the difficulty and face the other person’s hurt feelings.. but at least they get some closure and it’s far less harsh.

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I had written a song about him a while ago
You guys wanna see it?

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Ok it’s my first song ever written. Tell me if it sucks

When I see you walking by
I get this feeling inside…
Since 7th grade
I think it’s called love

But what’s that feeling?
What’s it for?
Do I need it?

I’ve never felt it before
You brought it up
With that smile behind your braces

Those brown eyes are at fault here
I blame you
Only you
Oh oh

What’s that feeling?
What’s it for?
Do I really need it?

Help me through this
I need your answers

I’ve never felt it before
You brought it up…
With that smile behind your braces

I think it’s love (only you)
Only you can make it go away
But I think I love you anyways
Even though I don’t want it to be true
But I do…(I do)

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Well the difficult part of composition is the harmony and lyrics, I just cannot give you a complete opinion without music. But… jeez you say this to him and then you just don’t feel anything?
take you camera and record, the put it in youtube then send me de link…. ;-)

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I never showed it to him I wrote it before we went out

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Hey you guys… I did it :(

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@Tink1113 Well how you did it?

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Well I went to the mall with some of my friends and him.
Then I told him I needed to talk with him.
So while my friends went to the theatre there, we talked.
I told him it wasn’t working out and I needed time to think.
Then he told me he loved me. First time he told me that
Then he understood and told me he would wait for me.
I do like him but I just don’t know

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