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Do you have album covers for your digital music collection?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) December 30th, 2007

I sat down when Apple put CoverFlow into iTunes and put all my Album Covers on… it seems like Album Art is a big part of portable music player GUIs these days

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i have next to none. I have like you said noticed the fact that apple likes to stress the album art thing. Don’t really know why though.

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i’ve got some… it’s really a novelty for me and not particularly useful.

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yeah, I span the web for the album art. I have some pretty obscure tracks so I come up empty sometimes.

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Definitely. Thanks to iTunes it’s now quite simple to add album art – you can get iTunes to automatically retrieve the album art from its store for free even for MP3s (and if that fails, Wikipedia or if not then Amazon will help you)

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I have 3,144 songs and everything has album artwork. It makes the collection feel so much more tangible. As said, its really easy to manage with iTunes.

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I have album artwork…I’m kind of just anal about it, though, really. It does look pretty, I suppose.

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I’m a big album art fan as well – they look great on my ipod touch and I’d totally agree with Spargett – they give a illusion of something or other; it’s not like actually owning and holding the disc, but it is one step closer.

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once i saw coverflow on the iphone i was all for album art – though i too have lots of obscure stuff and iTunes is spotty at best in filling in the gaps. three good resources for tracking down album art are the Amazon album art widget ( ) or or ... and if all else fails i grab something fun from google images.

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I have next to none. Because when I put my cd’s in I had dial up. So I was to impatient

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