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How long have you been a vegetarian / vegan?

Asked by everval (126points) June 18th, 2009

Just wondering how many people are vegetarian / vegan and why? I have been a vegetarian for 14 years. I was educated that way. I eat eggs and milk but now I’m seriously thinking about quitting that too…

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I’m a vegeterian. I’ve been for almost 2 years now . I don’t eat eggs, I hate milk, and the smell of raw meat or fish
I’m one because of animal rights. And I was never a big meat eater

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I used to be a vegetarian. The first time was for about 5 years when I was in high school and college. Then I went to graduate school and was so broke I had to eat anything I could get. The next time was for another 5 years or so, but I developed health problems that necessitated adding back in some animal protein to my diet, and I got married to a meat-lover.

However, I try to buy only humanely raised and slaughtered meat, and I try not to waste any of it.

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18 years

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just under 22 years…. never cared for meat and so I explored nonmeat centered cultures and it kinda went from there… to include ethical and environmental beliefs as futher reasons.

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6 years so far.

I don’t eat animals because for health reasons, ethical reasons, and environment reasons. Meat and dead animals don’t bother me – what bothers me is the deplorable treatment of life on earth.

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three years october 5th. i always wanted to be a vegetarian, but i never thought i could do it (because i was a meat lover) but i just went on the peta site and saw all of the madness in factory farms and decided i didn’t want to contribute to that anymore. i eat eggs sometimes, as well as dairy. i prefer soy milk if i’m going to be drinking milk.

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Three years also.

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I’m a vegetarian. It’s been about 13 years—I grew up eating meat so I gave it up slowly and I mark how long I’ve been a veggie since the last time I ate meat.

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19 years. Compassion…For animals that suffer, people that hunger, laborers that are mistreated. Health…of my body, of animals, of the earth.

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I am an occasional vegetarian. I seldom eat a lot of red meat, but I do eat a lot of seafood and chicken breast. I go through periods, only a week or two in duration usually, where I eat nothing but vegetables. It is just a mood that I get into, nothing to do with a dislike of meat, or animal ethics etc., more of better health with smaller amounts of meat. I have my own permaculture garden and grow enough vegetables to feed several families. I also have a couple of dozen fruit trees and some vines. At the moment I have not eaten meat for four days, I probably won’t tonight, but almost certainly will over the weekend.

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Almost four years, I believe. My reasons are primarily environmental, and also as a matter of compassion. There have been wonderful health benefits, as well.

I also see it as a karmic thing, to be honest.

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20 years.

When I was fifteen I told my father I was going veggie, he turned to my mother and said “our son is going through his ‘purist’ stage”. I guess it’s not just a stage, eh pops?

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about 5 years or so, maybe more. for animal rights. i’m not pushy about it unless someone’s being a dick about it. i eat dairy products, eggs, etc. not fish. i just don’t eat anything dead.

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I recently watched a documentary called “Earthlings” and well… I did know about everything in it but seeing it is a whole lot different story and it made me glad that I’m a vegetarian but made me rethink eating dairy and eggs… It’s just so sad! If you have the chance watch it… and tell other people to create consciousness, after all that’s what it’s for… you can find it online as well…

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@FutureMemory ~ my mom still thinks I’m going through a phase also, ha ha

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@mcbealer It’s amusing yet sad at the same time when people assume the decision to improve your health/karma will be temporary. I love proving them wrong :)

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I’m a vegetarian, going on seven years, I believe.
(I’m currently seventeen.)

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19 aƱos. He sido vegetariano desde Julio 1990.

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About 6 hours. (I had meat for dinner.)

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14 months. I wan’t particularly enjoying eating meat or fish and I didn’t think it fair to be eating an animal without really appreciating it… so I stopped.

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first when i was 9 for about a year but i got too thin so i stopped, and now again for half a year, but im fat so i dont think anyone’s gonna make me eat meat =)
which is good, i just dont like the taste, its not really to do with animal rights (not that i dont care about them at all) or the texture. Its just not nice =D

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I am a vegetarian (hence my name, haha), and have been for almost three years. I decided to go veg. after watching a documentary called “Earthlings” written, produced and directed by Shaun Monson. – earthlings trailor

I began the movie never thinking i could give up hamburgers and hotdogs but within five minutes i had to shut it off. I couldn’t believe what i was watching. A couple months later i attended a “vegetarian social” in my area, and it really enlightened me on how many ways there are to give back to a lot of these animals we take for granted every day. that’s my story !
so GO VEG. ! :)

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15 years vegetarian for me, 2 of those vegan. I did it when I learned the details of factory farming, and the unnecessary cruelty and suffering involved with it. I was never a meat fanatic and I was teetering the edge for a few years prior, so it wasn’t too difficult to make the switch. Best decision I’ve ever made, no temptations or regrets.

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Modifique: Junio 1990, no Julio.

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