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Where's a good place to go cross-country skiing in South Lake Tahoe with my dog?

Asked by sparkky (93points) December 30th, 2007

Is there a good place to go cross-country skiing in south lake tahoe area near heavenly and where dogs are allowed. If no dogs, where nonetheless, is a good place to x-country skiing in south lake tahoe

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I’d actually recommend snowshoeing. There are some great trails around South Lake Tahoe, almost all of which allow dogs. Like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing is great exercize and offers some breathtaking views of the lake.

I would also advise you to bring a jacket for your dog, especially if it’s a short haired dog, since extended time in the snow can lead to canine hypothermia or frostbite.

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what trails do you recommend?

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If you’re an inexperienced snowshoer, the trails around the Echo Lakes are nice and manageable. If you’re looking for steeper trails with better views, I’d highly recommend Echo Peak and Ralston Peak.

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My favorite snowshoe trail is Donner Pass. It’s easily accessible from a small lot under an overpass, right next to the entrance to Boreal. You can park in the Boreal lot or the area under the overpass (which may be hard to identify if no one else has parked there yet). If you walk away from Boreal back under the overpass, you’ll see an access road with some snowmobile tracks. The access road is about a half mile. From there it’s about a 3500–4000 foot climb, probably 6 miles round trip to and from the Pass. There are a lot of beautiful vistas that can be seen from short backcountry forays without straying too much from the main trail. I’d describe it as intermediate. Start early if you don’t want to freeze. Bad weather usually hits in the afternoon on the Pass.

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