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Real estate terminology question?

Asked by serendipity (225points) June 18th, 2009

Hello! My spouse & I are looking to buy our first home and we’ve been trading e-mails with some realtors, trying to narrow down who we want to work with when someone mentioned that they were a “certified first time home buyers coach”. Does anyone know what that is? Where can I find out more about it? Thanks!

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It sounds like yet another way to suck money from the gullible.

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Ask who certified them. If it’s the National Association of Realtors, they probably had extensive training and had to back it up witbh experience. It could al so be some bogus certification their broker came up with in their office.

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There is no such term in real estate. It sounds like a gimmick to get your business. Call the Association of Realtors in your area and ask them what it means. It might be a local designation, or what they call “in house” certification. That would be where the local broker certifies his workers depending on their training and experience, such as “first time home buyers coach” or “repo specialist” or “investment advisor”.

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@DarkScribe there is no end to those sorts of lowlifes, is there?

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Just an update—it turns out that this is a state-designation (I live in Virginia). But thanks everyone for your answers and helping out! :)

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