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If you are about to go to an interview how do you answer these questions?

Asked by unodos (132points) June 18th, 2009

my english is not good,it is not my native language, but I’m entering the corporate world and it is a requirement. I would like to base it how normal people/ who are good in english will answer these type of questions. And the required length in answering these questons.

1. tell me about yourself?
2. what did you learn in college?
3. with what you’ve learn in college how can that be of use in our company?
4. what’s your strength and weakness?
5. why should we hire you?

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Just be natural. Explain that your english is not great. Hopefully, this is not a requirement for the job.

Try practicing answers out loud before you go on an interview. That way, you’ll be more comfortable answering, and it will sound more natural to the other person.

As for the actual answers, I can’t say for sure what your strengths or weaknesses are, and i don’t know what you studied in college to answer that either. Perhaps you can write what you’d say in your own language (spanish, i assume) and have a friend who speaks better english help you translate it.

As for length, you don’t want to speak for too long, but you want to sound confident and provide a solid answer.

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1. Tell them some of your history and some things that you are good at doing.
2. Tell them what you majored and minored in, and any other things you learned that the company might like to hear.
3. You should already know that because of the major you chose. Just tell them how that would help out the company.
4. Tell them the things you are really good at doing for strengths. For weaknesses tell them a few things you are not good at but don’t say anything that would make them not want to hire you.
5. Tell them that you think you will be perfect for their company because of (your strengths and your major). Say that you are hardworking and you always try your best. Just be confident and don’t worry.
I hope this helps, even though I am still in high school.

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how about a trial run. here are my answers out of my head.

1. hi, (name) I’m the (position) in our family. My mothers a (occupation), My father is a (occupation) I studied HS in (school). and i Studied college in (college) and took up a course in (course). and now i’m ready to work for a company

2–3.Aside from what ive learn in my course,. i learn to adapt and to work with people that i don’t usually hang around. with that i can say that i’ll be easy to work with, coz i know how to adjust and cooperate with people.

4 my strength would be, im a very hardworker. eventhough im given a work that i don’t necessarily consider that im good at, i always make sure i do my best. im also very perceptive, because of that i forsee and can be more prepared when given a task to do. weakness would be english.

5. looking back at my college years, i realized when im in a group work, i never let down a groupmate, sometimes im even more good in doing my part or work when i know someone else grade is on the line. i consider myself very reliable and very responsible. and if this company needs someone like that it would be me.

my problem is, when i answer these questions, it doesn’t sound corporate enough. that is what im worried about. any help?

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in #1, instead of “I Studied college in… and took up a course in….and now I’m ready to work for a company.”, say “I attended college (or university) at…and majored (or focused on)....and I am looking for work in this field.”

#2,#3 – instead of “i learn to”, “i learned to”. also, don’t use “hang around”, use “associate with”. Also, instead of “what that i can say…”, use “I am easy to work with and work well with others, because i am capable of cooperation and adaptation.”

#4 – don’t say you’re not very good at the work, say something like “even though I may have a task that I’m not familiar with, or have not handled before, I still try to do my very best.” also, instead of just saying “english” as a weakness, try to turn it into a positive: “My weakness is that I’m still improving my English language skills.” You want to show that you’re working on it, which you are.

#5 instead of “even more good”, use “better”.

what is your field of study?

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@eponymoushipster those corrections are what i need, thanks. i still need to work how i deliver my answers.

financial management and economics

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@unodos just practice saying them out loud. repeat a couple times every day. don’t worry if you don’t do it exactly right every time, but the practice will give you confidence to speak freely when you do go on an interview.

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@eponymoushipster thanks, these are very helpful advice and corrections. would it be alright if i keep on posting my answers here for practice? and see if i have an improvement and a more acceptable answers for my interview?

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@unodos sure. :) welcome to fluther, btw!

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Good luck.
I am sure we’ll soon work in the same field.

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Many people in the United States are exercise conscious, and like to be complimented for it.
When you meet them, if it looks like they work out, just say “Nice Butt!”

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#1 – This is a pretty open question. Try not to spend a lot of time talking about your personal life. Focus on your education and skills that would be relevant to the job for which you are applying: “In 2009, I graduated with a BS in computer science with a focus on Networking from XYZ University. I enjoy learning about new technologies and spend time reading about the latest trends and security alerts relevant to this field.”

#2 – If you answered #1 correctly, you won’t have to answer this again. Most interviewers don’t really want to know much about your personal life, so stay focused on what they need to know about your skills and ability to fit in with the work environment.

#3 – Same as #2 – this should all be answered in the 3 minutes you talk about yourself.

#4 – Strengths should be described in simple terms such as “diligence” or “determination” then back that up with a short example of how you research or work to find solutions to problems that aren’t readily apparent at the beginning of the project.

Weakness is an easy one, let them know you are working to improve your conversational English skills. If they want another, tell them Spelling or something that is not related to the job you need to accomplish. Try to avoid personality traits as weaknesses since those are harder to overcome than skills that can be improved.

#5 – Tell them something you have learned about the company and how this fits in with what you like to do. Let them know that you are a hard worker and want to help the company succeed. They will know that you have little to bring to the table in terms of experience so this is where you should focus on your personality traits such as positive attitude and willingness to learn and grow.

Also, don’t be afraid to pause and think about an answer, this shows thoughtfulness. It is better to formulate your words first and then respond. The last thing you want to do in an interview is to talk too much. The interview process is more about finding reasons to disqualify you for the job, so don’t offer up much more than what they are asking.

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You should ignore filmfann, in case you couldn’t guess ;)

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You’ll also want to think of specific examples that demonstrate your strengths. For your weaknesses, think of specific examples of how you overcome or improve upon that weakness. Be ready with these examples from your past, because most skilled interviewers will press you for examples after you give a general answer.

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2–3) what i’ve learn in college. it made me more diverse as a person, now I can say that Im easy to work with and work well with others, because I am capable of cooperation and adaptation.

Because of my course, I’m more analytically and qualitatively advance especially in decision making.

As to the question how would those things you’ve learn in college be helpful in your company,

well for one thing, I have an economics and finance background. whats good about those course is that, it tackles factors that affect businesses, such as prices, taxes, interest rates and inflations.

even though I may have a task that I’m not familiar with, or have not handled before, I still try to do my very best. My weakness is that I’m still improving my English language skills.

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1. tell me about yourself? I would talk about family first, then career, then college, then personal interests, because families are a big deal to alot of people, shows that you have good priorities.
2. what did you learn in college? I would talk about my improved set of skills, versus how much work there was to do or even the subjects, Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add that you loved the opportunity to learn and improve yourself.
3. with what you’ve learn in college how can that be of use in our company? The expanded skill set list would go here too.
4. what’s your strength and weakness? This is where you list the skill set also, along with your God-given ability to take orders and criticism. Keep the weakness listing to a minimum, and try to present them as a positive, “I got a large family to deal with, but that just gives me added opportunities to work on my people skills” kind of thing.
5. why should we hire you? I don’t know you, so I cant give a good answer to this, but I would make myself aware of whats in his office and reading their body language when you answer the other questions to see what is important to them.

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