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What is considered a normal life?

Asked by sap82 (704points) June 19th, 2009
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Sleep, wake up, go to work/school, go home, eat, sleep
And go out with your friends or girlfriend once in a while.

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“Normal” is, at best, a highly subjective description.

At worst, it is a way to describe a majority lifestyle that feels entitled to tell the other “less normal” folk how to live their lives.

Regardless, “normal” is whatever you want it to be.

so long as you’re not raping and pillaging – but then, if this were medieval times, that would be “normal”.

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Husband, wife, house, car, and 2.2 children.

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I would think it would be something devoutly not to be desired.

Whose norms?

More important is what you want out of life.

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As long as people can compare your life and theirs and go, “Hey… That sounds like my life!” then that’s normal.

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A normal life is when aliens abduct you, and give you the secret of faster-than-light travel. They return you to earth, but you find that, while you can remember just about everything, there is a crucial part of the formula you have forgotten. In any case, you find yourself as a King of your city, with a harem that includes five women, three cats, a horse and a panda. The thing is, you actually know how to… um… do it… with all of them. Of course, this is absolutely normal! Everyone knows that.

You are employed by a mattress company as a mattress tester. You moonlight, at night, as a court fool in your own court, for which you are amply compensated. You have no worries, except for who you will marry. And how many children to have. And which school to send them to. And whether your gut is expanding a little bit too fast.

You are the lifetime home run leader in baseball, the lifetime yardage gainer in the NFL, and the world pogo stick champion seven years in a row! You live to the grand old age of 18, which is when you are kidnapped (again) by the aliens, and sucked into a black hole, where you live the rest of your life playing tiddlywinks with a talking cockroach.

Yup. Totally normal.

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I guess I’d first need to define “normal” before I answer that one. Like in the medical field when it’s used for test results, “Within normal limits” has previously been defined. It’s just such an objective adjective that I don’t even use that word if I can help it.

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Married couple with children, non addicts, working, kids are happy, parents enjoy being parents and doing family things together, parents actually like each other and have friends to socialize with outside of family members.

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Hmm. I suppose we are defining normal.

I ain’t it.

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Define normal….

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@cyndihugs Um. That is what I asked you to do.

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All of our lives are normal.

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@sap82 something normal for me might be abnormal for you….

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@cyndihugs What I think is normal is irrelevant. I want to know what you think is a normal life.

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wake up
brush teeth
take a shower
go to school/work
do homeowrk
go out
brush teeth
etc. etc.

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When you find out what a “normal” life is, please post your results.

I want to live mine as far from that example as possible.

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loser can tell you that I am far from normal! I am so far from normal that if I got alzhiemers’, nobody would notice, ha ha!! I want my headstone to read: “whoo whee what a ride!”

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I doubt if there is any definition that fits anyone for a ‘normal life’. We live on a planet inhabited by over 6 billion people and with each one of them having different daily lives, each one of them unique in some way, there is no way to define them as ‘normal’ in comparison to ours or others lives.

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Normal? First we have to come up with a working definition of Normal. Normal is that which does not judge, shows compassion, shows empathy, and Loves or tolerates themselves, other people, and a God that does not have addictions attached to (it). Since normal is defined differently for everyone. People have to define what works and what doesn’t in their own life. Normal is just being yourself; eventually without any outside or outsourced influences. Normal evolves and inspires themselves and other people either for the Good or the Bad. Normal teaches or acts like a tool for learning to base a curve off of your normal behavior.

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