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What do you think about chess?

Asked by marauder76 (390points) June 19th, 2009

How do you feel about chess? What comes to mind when you think about it? What do you want to know about it? What do you like or dislike about it? What has been your experience with it? Any associations, reactions, questions, feelings, etc., would be welcome.

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It’s just a board game.

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It’s damn hard. I’ve had my ass whipped in 2 minutes by those old men in Washington Square Park. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

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It’s a great game that involves strategic thinking. I was really great at it when I was a kid but not having played in 10 years has made me very rusty.

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When I think of Chess, I think of my grandfather. He was a chess champion and taught me everything I know. I should have listened better, but I do know some tricks. I love chess, I find it relaxing but difficult.

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I think it’s a very interesting game. It requires you to think unlike other games. I think more people should play games like that rather then video games which only consume your entire state of mind.

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It makes me think of boredom, to be quite honest. I can appreciate that it’s a thinking sport and all that but really… Sometimes I’d really rather have something else to do with my life, like going out with friends or having a good chat or even having a nice day out by myself!

But then again… Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I always sucked at chess

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I hate chess. For some reason I’m just no good at it even though I’ve tried many times to learn to play it. I think my brain just doesnt work that way. I respect those who can play it, though.

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I would like to try it. My improv coach plays it and he also gets his arse handed to him in a couple of minutes by old dudes in the park, but he loves it. He gets something out of it about life. I guess that’s the bit I want.

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I don’t get it!!
I like playing the weenies’s game: “checkers”

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When I think of rich people I think of smart people, but I love chess and I’m not smart ; )

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I love it, been playing for 45 years.

It also teaches logic, cause & effect.

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I’ve been a chess teacher for 20 years, published one chess book, edited five magazines, maintained two newspaper columns. I was writing a chess article before I took a break 10 minutes ago to visit Twitter, Facebook, and Fluther.

Flutherites who respond in this thread will probably write that they are good, or were good when they were kids, but chess is more difficult than they really know. Most tournament-level players cannot play chess passably well (using a definition of “passably well” supplied by Cecil Purdy, the greatest chess teacher who ever lived), but every tournament player can beat everyone on his/her block, at his/her office, in his/her family.

Educators like to overstate what chess does for people. We claim kids who play chess become smarter than other kids, but chess doesn’t make people smart. Hopefully, it teaches one how to accept the responsibility for one’s actions, and teaches one the desirability of making rational decisions.

Maybe the best thing about chess is that it can be whatever you want it to be: art, science, or sport. And for most people who play chess, it is a lot of fun.

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@frdelrosario I would like to improve my chess game. That is to say I would like to be able to beat a 4 year old, at least once in a while. Can you recommend a beginner’s book?

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I learned how to play after seeing the original “Thomas Crown Affair”...

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@FutureMemory Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by the late American champion Fischer is an outstanding first book for anyone.

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@frdelrosario thank you, I’ll look for it :)

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I love chess, quite a lot of fun weather I win or lose.

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