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I need a crystal clear sound of a zip being done up. Where's the best place to buy or order a sound effect?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) June 19th, 2009

I have no particular budget in mind, but this sound needs to be really yummy. Any ideas?

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funkdaddy's avatar does audio now… did a quick search and came up with lots of zippery sounds. Including “zipper on girl’s leather pants” and “having a quick pee”... they might have what you’re looking for, and reasonably priced.

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Free SFX here, only pay close attention to the copyleft agreements!

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Here are a couple of good paid options for various zipper sounds.
Which one depends on what you are using it for and how long the clip needs to be.

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If you have the EP Chronic Town by R.E.M., on the song “Stumble”, there is a very clear sound of a zipper being done up, a beat and then Michael Stipe giggles, (apparently) taps his front teeth and says “Teeth!” at the beginning of the track. You’d have to isolate it with a audio file editor, but there you are; if you have the album it won’t cost you but 5 minutes of time.

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Actually, iMovie has a ton of sound effects built in. You may just want to check those out.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

@dverhey I can’t spot a zip sound effect in there, but I’m wary of embedding them in a custom application since I can’t seem to easily find a license for them in any of the iMovie files or documentation.

Again, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll investigate these.

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Here are a few from a site i go to now and again . : zipper

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@sandystrachan Thanks for the suggestion, but this sound will be distributed in a commercial application so I’d want to make sure there was an appropriate license attached that I could retain a copy of.

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non distorted sound of a zipper, how long is the zipper, how fast it is being closed and have you tried the record mode on the computer. You could also go to a professional recording studio, minimal cost of a 3 minute or less use of the recording device, you would have total rights to the sound and it would be Epic record quality. If you want a good sound….

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Have you tried iTunes? They have sound effects now, though I am not sure of the copy right. There are also public domain sites that have sound effects, good ones, I have used one or two for home goofing around with rerecording an old classic from ‘66. It sounded good, and because I only use it for home amusement I am not sure of the legal ramifications of it.

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If you still want a zipper sound , i could give it a try and make one for you . How long would you want the recording ?

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@sandystrachan Thanks so much for the offer, but we found what we were after. That’s really kind of you though.

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Thats ok , i thought you might of . I should have offered first time round.

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