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Can you think of any cool and cheap fun date ideas?

Asked by Open (198points) June 19th, 2009

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went and donated our blood for a cool and cheap date. It was really fun and made us feel like heroes in a small way. (Plus they gave us coupons for pints of ice cream). I thought this was a pretty awesome date and was wondering if anybody else had cool cheap date ideas. ^_^ And ideas are welcome, thank you for sharing!

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Play a sport with him, Take a walk, Bake something, Going over your or his house.

or –

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Many communities have cheap or free outdoor movies or concerts in the summer. What could be better?

If weather allows how about packing a picnic and heading for the great outdoors? Along a lakeside? Swim too to work up an appetite.

A great date is coffee or teas at a bookstore cafe, a perfect venue for exchanging great thoughts.

Build on what you have started. Get together with a group of friends and do something for the community. Build or maintain a trail. Do a project with kids. Most areas have web sites for volunteer opportunities that match people with tasks.

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Picnic in the park, doesn’t get much better or cheaper.

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Along the same lines of what you have already done: volunteer a night in the soup kitchen/local mission or volunteer a day in the senior center or children’s ward of a local hospital (you could even dress up like magicians or clowns).

You could do a home spa day. Get some hot water and soak your feet. Give each other foot massages or if you know each other well enough back massages. You can exfoliate your skin, put on a face mask, and do manicures. All of which can be done at home with ingredients in the house.

A classic is a movie marathon.

Outdoors activities are also cheap. You could fish or hike or picnic. You could also identify local plant species, especially the ones that bear edible fruit.

Another idea is to go to a u-pick farm and get some berries! This is so fun and typically quite cheap.

Also in many areas there are usually concerts in the park. They also have live musicians at many coffee shops.

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I found a page of ideas for you here. I don’t know what part of Michigan you are in, so I couldn’t be more specific.

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Museum visits! Luckily, I’m in St. Louis, which has a host of great museums that are free. The zoo is always fun, art museums are great for sparking discussion, and interactive science type museums definitely give you something to do.

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The Beach is always fun!

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Get locked out of your apartment

Wait with her outside, in the back of her Mom and Dad’s truck, for your room mate to get home with some keys.

Tell her, beginning to end, the story of The Three Little Pigs.

it worked for me. i married her.

<vodka optional>

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Take a stroll through a cemetery at night. Then find a nice grassy area at a park, put a blanket down, and cuddle while you stare at the stars.

That was a nice date too @Blondesjon, wasn’t it. ;)

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@jonsblond Because of widespread vandalism, our cemetaries are all surrounded by fences with locked gates and patrolled by security guards.

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@YARNLADY That’s sad to hear. We have a lovely cemetery nearby that is located next to a beautiful park. There are rumors of a ghost that rings a cowbell (silly, I know) and many of the local kids would go there in the evening to listen for the ghost.

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What would be even more fun is to go to the cemetery, have a nice romance like said. Then creep some other people out. Hehe :)

(of course in my belief system you don’t hang out at cemetery’s but if I did then I think i might intentionally creep some people out just a bit for amusement but not enough to somehow hurt them).

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Coffee and books on your own porch. It’s your own private coffee shop without the cost.

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A lot depends on your location but I second the museum and gallery visits. There are days a month where some offer free admissions and galleries will stay open extra late. Do you enjoy trying to get lost in your car? Pick up a few sandwiches and go look for a off the path shady spot to picnic, nap, spend the day reading together, learning card games. A lot of cities install row boats, paddle boats, kayaks and canoes for people to rent on lakes, all good fun.

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Thanks for all the ideas everyone! You all have some great ideas and I can not wait to try them! ^_^

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MAKE MARSHMALLOWS :) or make a list of things you wanna do in your life. short term and long term. i recently did this and it really got my brain working and now i’m very set on getting them all done. it makes me very eager.

personally i just prefer to talk to my love interest rather than do fancy expensive things, so i’m always ok with just hanging out at one of our houses and watching a movie, making a fire, cooking…

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Nothing says romance like vandalism. Just saying.

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