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Why some Jews are for West Bank & Gaza (Settlements) and others are not?

Asked by seVen (3478points) June 19th, 2009 from iPhone

Like some Orthodox Jews are not for it but Zionists are.

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Why are some people for any issue and some not. There are differences of opinions. I don’t know of any population of humans that thinks in lock step on any issue.

We are not a hive mind, after all.

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Really, dude?

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I’m for a single payer health care system in the United States. I mean WTF, everyone doesn’t think like me? The mind boggles.

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Some people like beer that’s less filling. Some people like beer that tastes great.

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And some like Pabst blue Ribbon. For you, JP.

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And just because one is a Jew doesn’t mean that one is a clone of all other Jews. Just as in Christianity or Islam, there are many different sects and opinions. Judaism is a religion that encourages followers to question and think about things in life. Hence, there will be many different opinions on everything, from the Gaza Strip to how to make Matzo balls.

As is said often, where there are two Jews, there are three opinions.

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Because some are sensible and some are not. and i’m not saying which is which.

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Some people like peanut butter. Some do not. It’s for the same reason as your question.

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I think it depends on how they view the people whose land they are encroaching on.

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Because different people have different opinions.

Why do some Christians vote Democratic, while others vote Republican?

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“God gave this land to my ancestors.” Both sides say that.

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I will try to give an answer to your actual question. Zionism generally is the movement for the Jewish people to establish a homeland as a nation-state in what is now Israel, but was historically Palestine.

Many Zionists are secular, some are religious. To complicate the matter, both secular and religious Zionists count among them members who believe that the Jewish state should occupy the current borders and the occupied territories (ie. they support settlements in the West Bank and Gaza), while others believe in a two-state solution (they do not.)

Also, the ramping up of settlements has increased since around and after the Oslo Peace Process in the mid-nineties. And while some very religious people has taken this up as their cause, that wasn’t always the case, and this issue should be understood as a political cause, even if it seems like a religious issue at times.

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