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I'm always confused, I'm either constantly daydreaming or sleeping, I can't read a book without compulsively opening up several others and end up totally lost and depressed. I need help, someone?

Asked by TF1988 (11points) June 19th, 2009

My dad tells me that I’m a smart girl and I’m capable of handling anything and any situation. When I mentioned to him that I could be suffering from A.D.D, he said that I and nobody else can make me concentrate. He keeps reassuring me that it’s all up to me to make something of myself and handle my life. I’m twenty-one and I’ve a younger brother and he’s successful and smart, while I’m just known as the kid in the house. I won’t give up on myself but the worst part is self-pity is setting in and I feel that’s going to really wreck me.

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do you have a job?

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Go to a doctor and get a diagnosis to determine whether you have ADD or any other learning or brain issue.

I know someone whose life was changed with medication when he was in 40s. After a lifetime of pain and confusion, he can concentrate, focus, hold down a job, is less depressed. It is like night and day.

You are worth it. Fight for yourself.

BTW, my dad used to tell me that my motion sickness was all in my head. If I just didn’t think about throwing up, I wouldn’t. HE WAS WRONG!

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My younger brother has ADD and he has similar symptoms. I urge you to go see your doctor.

I also wonder if you have depression…you didn’t say if you are feeling sad. When I suffered with depression, I had mental “lethargy” and I could not concentrate on anything and nothing would get done. Maybe that’s just me, but who knows? I started on antidepressants when I was 13 and my life improved and I have good focus now.

Please go see your doctor. He’ll know what to do.

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I speak 4 languages fluently. 7 others, in bits and pieces.. though enough to avoid getting lost in their corresponding countries. I am an English EFL Teacher and my students are always satisfied with my lessons. At the end of each scholastic year they improve in their abilities in English at least, let’s say.. a full 50–60 % from where they were when they started. I am writing several novels. Few of though have reached completion. I am an expert in theology, esoteric subjects and philosophy. I have many interests. perhaps too many.
Often I’ve questioned myself whether I’ve done well, since my first ages of youth, to concentrate on so many things. The result I’ve had was in fact a lot of satisfaction with my half-accomplishments and a lot of things left yet incomplete. When I was a child I was diagnosed for ADD, dyslexia, asm… almost anything excluding only bbc & cia.
There’s also a good dose of OCD in the family.
Whether it’s a mental disorder or not, if handled with acknowledgment and knowledge you might be able to pull out uncommon qualities from your inner self. If you pay great attention to your ‘day-dreams’ .. more than you might to fear / worry.
You might not become an expert in all the fields that interest you, but you might become an unquestioned super expert in the one that you hold most at heart. Don’t let the anxiety of not being able to stick with one single book get to you. In my modest ( and perhaps unprofessional ) opinion, skipping from one text to another can train your mind to get a grasp on diverse tracks of thought simultaneously. Which is very good. It makes you a good listener, thinker, writer.. one of the only inconveniences is that your thought process becomes gradually more and more complex, especially for others to follow.
I believe you can train almost anything amongst your mental facilities. Especially focus. It’s not easy in the beginning. Then again.. what is, among the truly good and useful things.
– Take one apparently useless object.
– something you can’t find a logical use for in the moment you apply yourself to this exercise.
– stare at it. For about 15 minutes a day. that’s it.
– block out all sort of thoughts that might occur whilst doing nothing.
– block out all eventual theories on how the object could be used.
– think of nothing.
– you will find that nothingness itself has a constructive function (at least in this case )

Though I believe and strongly recommend what I said I do suggest that you consult various reliable sources, professional individuals ( possibly whom you trust ), less you risk jeopardize your precious mind.
But in the end, it all depends on you. deep within your mind, you ‘know’ what is best for your brain.
Listen to intuition.
Don’t just believe and give for granted the first opinion, even if professional. Observe everything and formulate objective opinions and personal observations.
Know that everyone has a different track of mind. we all work differently in there. it’s almost frightening how different we are. Consider this and decide how to judge or adopt external judgments on your mind. Psychology and psychiatry are based on basic stepping stones. there always are fundamental point to which orthodoxy or totalism cannot be applied ( fully ).
All is relative.
chose wisely considering all things before judging or accepting judgment.

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I, too, would suggest talking to a doctor. Your sort of behavior is how ADD often presents in females. One way to know for certain that it is ADD is to try Ritalin. If it makes a huge difference immediately, then you are ADD. If it doesn’t change anything or makes things worse, you are not ADD.

My brother started taking Ritalin in his fifties and is functioning much better now, and my cousin started taking it in his sixties and for the first time in his life he has been able to stay married to the same woman for more than a year or two. I believe they are coming up on their 10th anniversary now.

Once it is determined that you are ADD (if it is so determined), a therapist or psychologist can help you develop tools to deal with it, so medication may not be the only answer or even the final answer. In a way your dad is right, but the problem is that some of us need outside help to develop the ability to make ourselves do something such as concentrate.

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