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Has anyone ever couchsurfed? (

Asked by fanlight (7points) June 19th, 2009

If so, any tips for a potential couchsurfer? Is it acceptable for people to couchsurf within their own country (USA)? I currently am temporarily living on the other side of the country and would like to explore all of the areas around me. I saw some people willing to host on the couchsurfing website but I’m too scared to take the plunge and send them a message…

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Yes, you can couchsurf anywhere you need, even the next city.
I have hosted many people i the past and my experience is 100% positive, as I am sure it was for them. I got to meet many interesting people from different countries, and similarly, I offered them a nice big room with a double bed to stay in, with AC, hot water etc. Quality of accomodation will obviously vary, but I’m pretty sure that most people involved will not be axe murderers or even rapists. You’ll generally get to meet nice, friendly people with a love for travelling.

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While it was not called that, I have over the years, had a steady procession of people stay with us for a few days or weeks, also spend time on our yacht when sailing. It used to start (in pre-internet days) with contacts made via amateur radio. After one very negative experience about fifteen years ago, with a woman who we later discovered had all manner of warrants for her in New York (state not city) we decided to not become involved unless the people concerned were recommended by someone we knew.

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I haven’t used Couchsurfing, but I’ve had great experiences with the modern replacement:

(Disclaimer, I’m friends with the founders).

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I haven’t hosted or been hosted. However, I am a member of and on a recent trip to Brazil, I met several local people from CS who showed me around and helped me to quickly acclimate to the people and environment. I feel I’ve gained some quality friendships through CS.

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I first heard of it the other day from a man I’ve been on a couple dates with. He’s hosted people from, and is planning to use it for an upcoming trip abroad.

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I wrote an article about it and other travel alternatives not so long ago.

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I was hosted in Paris through couchsurfing and had a great experience. My friends who have hosted in the US have had generally good experiences too. Since members are “vouched for” on CS, and leave comments, it’s not to hard too find people who would be a good fit for you. That being said, I would respect your own comfort limits (for example, solo female travelers may prefer not to be hosted by men).

@ben I’m not sure airbnb is a “replacement” for CS since the premise of the former is a marketplace rather than a cultural exchange.

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Fascinating site, but my travelling days are over.

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I couchsurfed a few times. But now I go for Airbnb, as both a guest and a host. As a guest, I have to pay but it’s provides me with a bit more privacy. Sometimes I just want a bit more space between me and my host, but not too much space, otherwise I’d go to a hotel. I’ve got a website called thebnblife dot com if you are interested

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