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Does the nickname of the city you live in, reflect the city you live in?

Asked by Aethelwine (42953points) June 19th, 2009 from iPhone

I grew up in Sin City, finished high school in The Pumpkin Capital of the World and now live in a Tree City USA.

There hasn’t been a nickname yet that doesn’t fit.

What’s yours?

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Where is everyone at today?
Well to answer your question I don’t think so wait city is like California right?. I got confused with town Hmm does California stand for something…I wonder

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@Tink1113 I think there is a handful of us on fluther tonight! :)

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@jonsblondYeah only a handful because it is Friday today…

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Our city likes to call itself the “Sparkling City by the Sea.” We are by the sea in that we are right on the bay that eventually leads to the sea, but our city is not really sparkling. It is quite windy as well as quite hot, but nothing really sparkles, except maybe the soda cans in the gutter.

I used to live in a town which had the original name of “Hogtown” because that is where the train stopped for you to load your pigs to go to market. However, the “ladies” of the town didn’t like the name and so renamed it for General Gaines. He never visited the town ever in his life but apparently was considered to be a true gentleman and so worthy to lend his name to the town. Today, the nickname for the town is still Hogtown (as well as the name carved on the bridge).

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@Darwin Beautiful answer. Thank you!

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@jonsblond – You are welcome. I have lived in a lot of towns, but most didn’t have nicknames, other than “this d***ed place.”

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I was born and raised in Sin City. Now I live in The City by the Bay. “Sin City” seems about right. Kind of gives the city a bad reputation, though. Like I always tell people: the Strip is not the whole of Las Vegas. As for “The City by the Bay”, well, you can’t really argue with that.

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“The City of Brotherly Love”. is it? i dunno, i don’t hang out in that part of town. but they do cater to the “brotherly love” types. There’s even a tourism ad with a gay Ben Franklin, which i don’t think is historically accurate.

but it’s a nice place. good food.

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Nope. It’s called the Queen City. It’s named after a queen…but it doesn’t reflect the city – whatsoever. Shopaholics Anonymous would be much better…but the Queen City??? Blah!

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We are “River City” and “Stumptown”.

Both work.

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Yeah right…Los Angeles, the City of Angels? Not hardly. As in The Home of the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers? You bet!

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I thought it was “The Entertainment Capital of the World”.

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Ooo and the dirtiest place I’ve ever lived

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@Tink1113 no offense, but I’m guessing they (LA) doesn’t want you to do their tourism advertising for the city. ;~)

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@cak—Non taken :)
Downtown LA is the worst—

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yup sounds about right.

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@johnpowell You forgot “The City of Roses”, which also definitely applies. :)

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I think Seattle has been known as “The Emerald City” and there were lots of jokes about Dorothy, the Space Needle, and flying slugs. I was always sorry that I didn’t get the T-shirt that said “Enjoy Seattle weather… 10 million slugs can’t be wrong.”

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When I first moved to Frederick, Maryland the unofficial nickname (Fredneck) fit quite well. Over the 20 years I lived there, the city changed a lot. The name no longer fits, but it sticks just the same!

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There is no Brotherly Love where I’m from.

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It’s called “Chemical Valley” because of all of the yummy smelling Chemical Plants there. ~

Name given by most the kids at my high school who were dying to get out after graduation – Sarnhole..

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“The City Of Angeles” I always say yes, fallen angels.

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“The Barb City” isn’t exactly how I’d describe it here.

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