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Why will pen and paper never die out?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) June 19th, 2009

I’m drunk…

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For the same reason that masturbating will never die out. When there is no better substitute (i.e., women, internet) it will always be a convenient backup.

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Besides the fact that you will be sober tomorrow, personally I prefer paper and a writing implement simply because if the power goes out you still have your information in a legible format.

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lurve to both of you

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Honestly, I teach a class that deals only with working with a computer (from turning it on, to Photoshop, to web design) and I hand write all my lectures. Baffles my mind too.

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Pen and paper are still functional without external power.

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@Mtl_zack Hmm I suppose you’ll give lots of lurve because your drunk

-Well maybe because society needs it to survive…Idk

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@Tink1113 Youre correct on bot accou ts

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@Mtl_zack – Whoa how much did you drink?

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Because people like me enjoy getting letters. Yep…I still do snail mail. I send letters, too!

Drink water! I don’t want you suffering with a major hangover in the morning. :)

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not that much- relatively. its been a while and the group i was with was really fun so its ok, but i had a pitcher + 3 pints + a shot of goldshlagger. i can usually handle more except forthose circumstances above

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@Mtl_zack – I just read that! I’m glad you don’t get hangovers..they suck, royally!

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I only got a hangove once- in south africa and I threw up in the food court in the mall that is surrounding nelson mendela square. yes, i have desecrated a great monument

and that was after drinking the cheapest vodka in the bottle store

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and also, i’m wearing my jellyshirt now, and all day today. i’ very proud

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Holy cow. If I drank that much, I don’t think I could type! Half a beer and I’m likely to dance on a table. I’m a major lightweight, when it comes to drinking.

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pshhhh lightweight lol last week i left aclub (too expensive), went to peel pub for 1$ shots night and had 10 shots, coldve had 20.

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oh lord…yep, I’d be under the table!

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dont feel bad. i know many people who would be in the same situation. some people arent good for alcohol and others are. you are the former, dont be ashamed :D

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omfg what tomfoolery will i do next. sorry, i just wanted to say tomfoolery

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It’s not often that tomfoolery gets worked into a conversation.

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ya that’s true, but i theres no possible way to make it subtle b/c someone will be like wtf????

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For me, they will never die out because they’re a lot more personal when compared to computers. Handwriting is very individualistic – and there’s just something great about opening a letter from someone you know.

I wish I was drunk. Lucky. :P

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Well, I’m high tonight.

Without paper there would be no joints.

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thanks for sharing :)

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I love pens and paper. I could never give them up! Something about the feel of my favorite pens on a nice heavy weight paper is just so… satisfactory.

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PPA (personal pencil assistant)

No batteries, pencils write in the rain, they write upside down (no need for space-age pen technology), they write under water (but the paper gets messy).

I’m with Augustian, I get orgasmic in stationary stores . . . it’s the feel and smell of a clean piece of heavy paper and a very fine tip pen that will do me in every time . . .

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@Kayak8I get orgasmic in stationary stores – me too (assuming that stationery is what you mean.)

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