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Is it hard to learn how to program an iPhone app SDK?

Asked by sparkky (93points) June 20th, 2009

I have some ideas about an iPhone app but have very little programming experience.

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It’s not difficult, but there’s a lot to learn. If you have no programming experience at all, it will probably take you two to three years of working on it to become reasonably competent.

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YES trust me. I had to buy tech books ($50 a piece, technology books are overpriced everywhere) and get an SDK account for free to get access to the resources, and I still hardly understand the code. Since I was 7, I taught myself BASIC, BlitzBasic, HTML, Java, JavaScript, full CSS, Torque, and SteamConsole. Yet I still don’t get Cocoa or any other C based language! It is the most confusing family of programming languages…

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