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References on the issue of Human Right's in China?

Asked by skorned (97points) June 20th, 2009

I’m interested in the issue of human right’s violations in China after reading about the “Great Firewall of China”. Further reading revealed so many horrific allegations against China, but my problem is, that many claims are made without any sources or references. So basically I don’t know whether there is evidence backing up the claims, or are they just accusations made by human right’s organisations to bring the spotlight on the issue.

Also, I can’t find many sites which give the Chinese side of things. Can anyone direct me to a (preferably english) site or other resource where China has defended its actions, I wanna see what China has to say for itself.

Also, any other opinions, articles, or further reading yall could suggest would be great. Oh and also, anything on what the UN is doing about this, any UN inspector visits to China, or resolutions on the issue?

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Reading up on China’s treatment of Tibetans may be helpful.

Also, the government’s systematic campaign against Falun Gong.

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the massacre in Tienanmen Square.

Then there is the total lack of control over product safety, which impacts its own people as well as countries its products are exported to.

I’m not sure where you would look for Chinese confirmation. The news is suppressed in China and propagranda simply denies the truth of what the government does.

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How about encouraging citizens to smoke to boost tax revenues.

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Yes I am quite aware of the allegations against China you have mentioned. There are plenty of articles on the web detailing the injustices carried out by China. However, all your articles are well sourced, from respectable News organisations, so thanks for that…
However I was actually looking for something different. I wanted:
1) Any confirmed human rights violations from Reuters sources
2) China’s rebuttal to allegations
3) UN activity in China or about it

With reverse priority (I’m most eager about seeing what the UN has done, and then China’s rebuttalls.)

and lol @Lightlyseared…. I don’t know how you thought up that response from my question, but thanks for the contribution anyway :D

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See, if these are useful to you:

UN Human rights review


Here is China’s POV.

From Amnesty International

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