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What is, like, the coolest thing ever?

Asked by Zen (7748points) June 20th, 2009

I have asked it this way intentionally. Will it get edited… we’ll see. The reason I’ve asked it in this way is to get the kind of response it beckons from the younger crowd, but also just to see what you think is, well, cool. What’s cool in gadgetry, films or tv? What’s cool in your life, neighborhood, office? What’s really cool to you, right now?

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Like whatever.

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0 Kelvin

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String cheese

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I’m kinda freaking out over my new, 23 inch diagonal widescreen monitor.

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@Tink1113 I’m with you on that one!

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Duuuudeeee Totally got a gnarly ding in my twin-fin.

The kewlest thing ever is Fluther, Man!

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Dude, Fluther is like, i dunno man, Fluther’s the shit…

Dog’s totally right man… Rock on!

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Ahem dude I love dude and Fluther
@Zen – I eat at least 2 a day. They are fun to eat

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This tattoo, like, totally rocks!

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Fluther and the Fluther Marriage Saga are like totally the most bitchin thing like um ever! They are wicked awesome!

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@phoenyx the dude in that tat totally looks like a cross between Patrick Swayze and Rip Taylor with a little Dog the Bounty Hunter thrown in. I am so sure!

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Word to yo’ mother, fluther’s like no other!

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@SuperMouse Dog the bounty hunter is the bottom half, right?

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@phoenyx Damn straight!

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Flying is the coolest thing ever

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coolest huh? ummmm…. air conditioning?

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A true vacuum.

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I forgot about skateboards.
Easy transportation

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Muscle cars.

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Watching your kids graduate.

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Bubble wrap.

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Air conditioning. Couldn’t survive South Texas without it.

Well, I could but I would have to live a very different way and sleep on the screened porch.

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these things. you know, you’ve got this thing covered in nails, and you press your hand, for instance, against one side, and your hand is like imprinted on the other side…god, does it even have a real name? i’ve been googling it and i just can’t find a proper name.

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ecstasy is the coolest thing ever.

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@tiffyandthewall I know what you’re talking about I’ll try to find what it’s called

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@applesaucemanny haha i’m glad! i think i sound kind of crazy. i typed in ‘nail sculptures’ and ‘nail imprint toy’, but google is mocking me at the moment. :p

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@tiffyandthewall yeah I haven’t been able to find it either

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My Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro is the coolest kitchen machine I’ve ever seen.

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What’s really cool to me, right now, is any building or vehicle that has a functional air conditioning system in it. Have you ever visited Phoenix, Arizona in the summer? We need A/C to live. Seriously.

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Having children. Without a doubt.

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Saturday morning cartoons

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@tiffyandthewall @applesaucemanny It’s called Pin Art. Here’s a link to purchase them online: “link”

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@Zen yeah we found out about it after a while but thanks anyways :)

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Achieving your goals.

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Bombing a really big hill on a skateboard like some long and tall San Francisco street blowing thru intersections laughing in the face of danger.

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Watching some idiot skateboarder fly through an intersection and get hit by a car.

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Interstellar spaceships.

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experiencing true forgiveness

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@hungryhungryhortence what about Diapers?

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I didn’t see this one, so I’ll do it here, lol.
These are some of the things I think are cool on my iPhone, is just awesome in general, lol.

This game I’ve nearly got beat. I’m on the last level and I can’t figure it out. Blues gears are ones that need to be moved, yellow is the drive gear and gray is one’s I’ve placed, the red strip-y thing is a no drop zone and there’s a gravity effect. Those are all the gears I have for the level and I’m stuck, lol.

If you like Fallout 3 you’ll love this app. You put in the words from the computer you’re trying to hack in to be deciphered and it gives you the answer. The developers say it’s 98% right at times, but it’s never been wrong when I’ve used it.

Those who have seen some of my posts stating I’m a musician, this app that now coming stock on the iPhone has been great for when I come up with something sweet that I don’t want to forget. If you were confused, yes, it’s to record stuff.

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(Standing ovation, a la Simon Cowell) @Axemusica

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