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The arts (music, dance, theatre, opera, ballet) are important? If you agree say why. Thanks.

Asked by Libby (35points) June 20th, 2009
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Art connects us to nature and through that, it connects us with each other.

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Because creativity is a form of therapy, allowing people to overcome stress and tribulation.

Are we doing your homework for you?

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@Darwin: I think we are!

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Art is an important form of communication.

It also enriches our world and inspires us.

It is a way to feel the world without touching it.

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Without the arts no one would be creative. no one would think out side the box. no one would have fun . the only reason to live would be not to die.

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Did you omit the visual arts for a reason?

The arts allow us to express ourselves in ways that words and symbols alone cannot.

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Hi simpleD. No the visual arts were not left out deliberately. It’s just that the job I’ve been assigned to as a temp involves performing arts outreach I just thought I would ‘tap the collective’ to see peoples views on the subject and see if it could help me. Thanks for responses.

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I read this interesting article about What is Theatre’s Job? which discusses if theatre is for entertainment or provocation. Perhaps it might be helpful?

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Thank you very much. I will read that with interest.

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Art is a form of communication that shows us deeper meanings within the subject of the work. We all can benefit from seeing more deeply and understanding more deeply. It makes us more open and tolerant and creative. It helps us solve our problems more efficiently. It keeps our minds young. It is entertaining and keeps us from all being the same. It keeps us from being boring. If we didn’t have art, we’d have to invent it, or the species would die out.

Art, as I define it, is more important than anything else. There is art to every activity we engage in. Art means doing something very well. If you don’t do it well, you can’t compete. You don’t live to pass on your genes. In the future, today’s most creative people will be the ancestors of everyone on the planet. It is a most unwise choice when people and government’s stop funding the arts during economic downturns. It’s like deliberately tying one leg up so you can’t use it.

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I believe there’s a book about this that argues that the instinct to create art actually serves a vital evolutionary purpose.

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I think art is vital to the growth of any society. It allows expression of thoughts, ideas, and feelings that otherwise might find no outlet. In other words, art extends the capabilities of human beings to improve and discover themselves. It goes beyond the individual, though. The rules of society are constantly being rewritten, and art helps us explore the possible avenues for our society.

Also, art is just fun.

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