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How can you get back your popularity?

Asked by Shopaholicbabe (1points) June 20th, 2009 from iPhone

My friend stole all my popularity and I want it back. How??

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How did your friend steal it?

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You must kill her.

For there can be only one HIGHLANDER.

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Get a new friend, or move and start over.

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@boots I want the quickening!

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Well shit. No popularity. Gonna have to kill yourself, I guess.

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We need a bit more info than what you have given us. Details?

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You can also live up to your user name, but give the stuff you buy to your friends. That should make you popular, at least until you run out of cash and credit.

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The nerve, stealing your popularity. Off with her head.

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Do something that would make you look heroic while simultaneously humiliating your friend. Exploit her weaknesses. What is she most afraid of? For example, if she is afraid of spiders, you can hide one in her desk and then come to her rescue when she screams out in distress. But you have to make sure everyone’s watching when it happens.

Remember, the most important thing in middle/high school is your popularity. Every one knows that unpopular kids never grow up to be anything, like software developers or chemists or engineers or authors. You must at all costs get your popularity back. God help you if your friend enjoy a more than a minute in the spotlight.

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start conversating with everybody else. be the IT girl everyone wants to talk to. be a listener to others—ppl like attention, help others grow. also get into fashion. keep an open mind to new ppl all the time.. and right before your eyes, popularity will come to you.
forgive the homewrecker.. forget the friend-stealer.. and Move along now..

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This is actually an opportunity for a really important life lesson. What did your friend do that “stole” your popularity? If she revealed an aspect of yourself that you are not proud of—you can work on changing that aspect and apologize to people you’ve hurt. If she’s simply more popular, you should know that true friends will stay with you. You should, perhaps, develop friends who will stay by your side. If she’s spreading lies about your or whatever, then you should confront her in private about it.

However, as everyone else has pointed out—popularity isn’t that important. You’ll always be popular with your friends and who cares about everyone else?

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Step 1. Stop worrying about being popular.
Step 2. Concentrate on being good to your friends.

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Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The only alternative is to be come an interesting person. Sorry.

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Wow. I really <3 fluther.

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this question simultaneously makes me lol4rl and want to cry for humanity.

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You guys! In school popularity is EVERYTHING! I remember that feeling. @Shopaholicbabe, The real key, is to find your self worth in your SELF and not rely on others to give you value. The true princesses are humble and kind. They don’t need to be “popular” to be happy. I know there is a certain euphoria that comes with being popular, but it is always fleeting. The real stuff is inside you, not from the praises of others.

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Some of us never considered even remotely being popular. I gained some popularity my senior year only because I was the only female geek so all the heterosexual male geeks gravitated towards me. Otherwise, I was the new kid, the kid that reads, the hippie kid, or that strange kid.

I was briefly popular in first and second grade because I could draw both horses and battleships and gave the drawings away.

Although my daughter is quite popular, I personally think popularity is over-rated. It doesn’t get you into med school, but it could get you pregnant.

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Look… you’re popular right now!!

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One question is what do you want to be popular for? not all notoriety is good.

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Only a girl would ask such a question, so just take your top off or wear something see-thru. You’ll become amazingly popular.

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@DarkScribe Now that was totally sexist. :)

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@DarkScribe DarkScribe Now that was totally sexist. :)

Yeah… ;)

That is the thing that I like most about the sexes. Sex.

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What would you charge someone with who stole popularity? Theft of Status? Grand Theft Appreciation?

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Popularity can neither be created nor destroyed. It’s all relative.

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Popularity, like hair, is over-rated. I’d much rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for what I’m not.

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You’ll have to sing and dance while snapping, only look at this thief with your left eye, and shake your cheeks like Nixon when you say their name. This will frighten your friend into acting like a fool and running away. In the confusion, said friend will undoubtedly drop your popularity, and you can just pick it back up and put it in your pocket for later. Cheers!

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic good answer.

You shouldn’t worry about something as superficial as popularity. Get over it and be a better person.

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I want to know how to steal popularity. Can you sneak into people’s bedrooms at night, like a cat burglar, and steal it?

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@daloon in a manner of speaking.

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@daloon: That will work as long as there’s no garlic hanging in the window. If there is you have to bring parsley with you. :^>

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Parsley? Check. Manner of speaking? Check. Anti-garlic spray? Check.

Hi ho, hi ho, to popularity we go…

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…or you could just flash your butt-globe at them. That’s bound to make you popular with some folks. :^>

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Wiggle, wiggle ;-)

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lol See, that’s working already. :^>

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