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Finding the name of a painting?

Asked by tommytree (16points) June 20th, 2009

I was in Rome a few weeks ago and when in Capitoline Museum I saw an unfinished painting with a woman surrounded by shouting people, I think it was the bottom left corner that was unfinished. I have been trying to find its name and the name of the painter but I can’t seem to do so. Does anyone here have any idea of what it is?

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Not nearly enough information. Period, style, size? From what you tell us it could be a pic from Dr. Phil’s show.

I know I sound flippant but there are a LOT of classical paintings in Rome.

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Well I did say the place, how it looks and a rather key defect. Other then that all I can say is 1500s for the time.

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Do you remember what she’s wearing(colour), any buildings around them?

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She was wearing a white toga type thing where as most of the other people in the scene were in darker brown clothes, though I cant be shore of there being no light clothes on others. And I think it was at night, the unfinished part was just the canvas with a pew brush marks.

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Is it this one? painting by Palma il Vecchio (Christ and the Adulteress) (See the first paragraph of the linked article)

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“The Rape of the Sabine Women” by Cavalier d’Arpino kind of matches that description

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No its not that one, it is painted on canvas rather the a fresco. And I think its in the open air, is is wide and the people sort of surround her.

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