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If you encountered a vampire, would you rather it to make you a vampire too, or just kill you?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) June 20th, 2009

-using whatever rules from whatever vampire universe you please.

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Depends. Is this Twilight?

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Because I already want to live forever, or at least be able to die when I choose, I would want to become a vampire. I wouldn’t kill anyone… I’d figure out a way to avoid it, somehow.

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Definately would rather become a vampire

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@DrasticDreamer You could drain the blood from livestock you wouldn’t have to turn them , just take enough to keep you sustained for a while .
I would love to be a vampyre but not for the living forever part , just so i can sleep during the day . Unless that person made me a day walker , then i would say no cause they never sleep , i am already that way thanks . ( No sleeping not a blood sucker ) tho i did used to drink my mothers blood if she cut herself , i was young at the time tho .

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Are you serious? Those are the only two outcomes? I’d slay the shit outta that vampire. If some one like this could do it, then I know I can.

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I’d just have my pet unicorn skewer the son of a bitch. Works better than a stake through the heart.

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I want to live forever, and I love nighttime already. I’ll take Vampire, please

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I have absolutely zero desire to live forever. I would be pissed off if that dumb shit turned me into a vampire, too.

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I’d rather neither, which fortunately is compatible with the vampire universe I think I’m in.

But if I don’t get that choice, then I suppose if I can choose a vampire universe where this vampire is a really lovely lonely gorgeous woman who wants to take me to a castle lair and make love to me all the time, that sounds more interesting than death. ;-)

Hey, you said, “whatever vampire universe you please”!

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is it a lady vampire (a la Underworld)? If so, yes – vampire time.

is it some douche bag, never showers vampire (a la…oh, you know)? Nope. kill me.

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i would prefer death.
while i like being nocturnal, it would not mix well with everyday life.
it would also be dangerous. one step into the sun and poof. ash.
also getting the blood, either from hunting humans or animals, or robbing bloodbanks, would be too much of a hassle.

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I’m one already :P

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@Tink1113 just because you’re a sucker doesn’t mean you’re a vampire. ~

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I pretty much never see the light anyway, so it wouldn’t be that big of a change.

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I certainly would NOT want to be killed! Then the zombies would eat me!!!

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Naw, then you’d just become a zombie.

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Live forever? Now that’s hell.

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I’d introduce it to my mother-in-law. They’d have a lot in common.

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@IchtheosaurusRex – That unicorn’s name isn’t Charlie, is it?

I’d be a vampire, sure. Why not? See how the other half lives for a while.

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I think I’d like to be a Vampire.
I don’t like the politics that come with it though.

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Oh god, not that again. I’ve been to candy mountain far too many times.

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I would be willing to go the vampire route with the stipulation that I get to be a day walker type of bloodsucker like Blade is.

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@Bluefreedom I completely agree. if I could run 25 miles per hour and jump super High and waste every vampire I saw, then yes, definetely be bitten.

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@eponymoushipster You are already some kind of everliving being, you died in the spontaneous combustion thread .

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@dverhey : read the description.

@Randy : I was assuming nobody on fluther was a vampire slayer. And you better not be picking on my favorite TV show of all time. :o)

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Yeah. I know. I hate Twilight, though…

I think I would prefer to just die. Living forever would suck, especially if you are a stereotype.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Only if I could be this vampire.

Math is pretty scary.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities : Hahaha! Or should I say, “Ah ah ah!”

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

He’s the only vampire I know of that does this.

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I think the novelty of being a vampire would wear off after a couple of centuries… I think I’d be begging one of them to chop my head off and stab me in the heart with a silver, holy water soaked crucifix…. with garlic on top.

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You could get staked, or stumble into some sunlight. It’s a long life, but probably not ‘eternal.’

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Definitely would prefer death. Being immortal is only cool in theory

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I think it would be really interesting to live through the ages. My personal preference would be to become a vampire in the Middle Ages and survive through the present day. I’m not too keen on what the future holds, so I think it would be nice to have an incredibly long life but be able to opt out of it (via sunlight or stake through the heart, etc.). I would definitely go for something a la Spike or Angel in BtVS (vampire with a soul) or go really cutthroat like Darla or Drusilla (although Dru was crazy, so maybe not that).

GQ @ubersiren

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I think I would get bored with the immortality thing. No thanks, I don’t want to be a vampire…but it better be one hot vampire that kills me!

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Drink blood? I can’t even stand the sight of it. Kill me now!!!

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@loser I hope you never get a tooth/mouth/lip injury. I could really get used to drinking blood, if I had to.

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@YARNLADY Shhh… I’m in denial about that stuff…

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I’d like a glass of Type O please. Shaken but not stirred. With one of those little umbrellas in it also if that is okay.

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Sign me up for vampire. Drinking blood is just one step farther than eating my steak rare. I do that anyway. I’d have a lot of fun living forever. Or at least long enough to see @eponymoushipster get old, grey and very flatulent in the nursing home.

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@eponymoushipster I knew someone was gonna asume something like that and I knew it was gonna be you

@evelyns_ pet_zebra – LOL I’d pay to see that

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No harassing the little penguin.

Tink's avatar

Yup I don’t think I want to see blood again

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there will be blood.


@evelyns_pet_zebra who said i’m not grey and flatulent?

@Tink1113 why? because i’m awesome and have a prehensile tail? i thought so.

Tink's avatar

@eponymoushipsterYeah thats it… :P

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Is this an attractive vampire?

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Yeah, I think if you’re a vampire you automatically like to drink blood. It’s like pizza or a hot fudge sundae to us.

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@ubersiren: I have a nephew who doesn’t like pizza or chocolate…

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He must be a vampire.

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@ubersiren I dont like pizza or chocolate. And a bunch more that would make everyone on Fluther say WHAT!?

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It surprises me a bit that so many people say they’d become a vampire. Has this idea of living off of human blood been so sensationalized that people would rather be a monster that lives forever than a human that dies? Oh wait… this is purely fiction. Nevermind.

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i would also like too become a vampire. like so many others chose…

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Because I am a parent, I would have a hard time outliving my kid. Were circumstances different, and the Japanese had indeed invented a synthetic blood good for sating a vampire’s powerful hunger, and I had the choice of who to hang around with, then yes. I would Mos Def consider it.

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I love the taste of blood.
I love the nighttime.
I’d love to be fast and mysterious and sexy and whatnot.
But I wouldn’t want to leave all my loved ones behind. :(
I guess I’d just capture it and study it in my mad science lab and maybe breed it with a zombie or a mermaid or something. Then use the money from my discoveries to buy my mortal family something really cool.
sigh, maybe next lifetime.

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@Clair do you like to boogie?

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@eponymoushipster only on the disco ‘round, of course.

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dude stole my sweet moves

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@kerryyylynn : You’re probably skinny, and I probably hate you. :o)

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death… but it would have to be overly dramatic like ‘30 days of night.’ Eternal life would get boring after the first couple of centuries. Imagine the interest on those old credit cards from college!

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As long as Bill Compton from True Blood was the one who made me a vampire, I’d be all for it.

ubersiren's avatar

@row4food : So sexy, right?!!!

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@row4food @ubersiren As long as Eric is my maker, I’m good. lol

ubersiren's avatar

@casheroo : Ooooh, he’s a hottie too! I’d let either of them suck whatever they wanted.

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and this is when i change the topic of the chatroom to “Which vampire do you hope bangs you?” lol

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Thomas Raith from The Dresden Files. om nom nom

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That’s easy. The sexiest vampire ever was Ingrid Pitt

SeventhSense's avatar

Check out The Vampire Lovers.
soft core heaven…not that I would watch this trash of course. ~_~

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If it’s a Twilight vamp, kill me NOW. I don’t want to be a sparkling, staring, teen stalker.

If he’s of the Buffyverse, I’ll choose vampire, as long as I can enjoy a good storyline, a Spike make-out session and some memorable dialogue before getting staked.

If he is Bill Compton… smack my mouth and make me a vamp. Even if he goes right back to Sookie, it’s fine with me. I could float on that one moment for eternity.

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I would love to live forever, and to be at the top of the food chain. Mmm.

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oh i would absolutely rather die. imagine when the masses find out you’re a vampire. you’d have half the population running after you with stakes in hand, and half the pre-teen girl population running after you with copies of twilight, screaming ‘have my babies!’ and ‘can you sign this?’ and running in front of cars depending on you to push them out of the way.

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make me into one..that would be so freakin awesome haha

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Make me a Vampire all the way! A real vampire, not some sissy Twilight kind either.

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If I’ve learned anything from all the vampire literature I’ve read and all the films I’ve seen…it’s that being a vampire quickly leads to an existence of complete sorrow, pain, anguish and rage-not to mention eternal damnation which awaits you once you are finally destroyed.

So I’d like to say no, but if the other choice is death, I’d be too scared and would most likely fall to the temptations of being ultra sexy and powerful.

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@Symbeline I would make you a vampire. then we could party, smoke, play video games and all that shit without any ramifications. Hell, we could even turn into bats and fly to a ship…take that mutha fucka over, and become the vampire pirates of the Seven Seas (or whatever body of water it happened to be)......just promise me….if I ever start to twinkle like a sissy twilight vampire…..STAKE ME! I want to be an anti-twinkle bad assed vampire. :)

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Lol vampire pirates. Yo ho ho ho and a bottle of blood! We could drink the blood of drunks, so we’d get drunk too. :D And I shall not let ye sparkleth!

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@Symbeline Yea verily….if I sparkleth, I shall surely die. LOL
Hell, we could hide our coffins underneath a huge bar…and get our fix every night. :)

Hey, just wondering…if you’re a vampire, do you still have to go pee? (just wondering about breaking seal when we’re feeding) LMAO

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It’s a bit late for this decision but…I chose to “Live.”

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