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Why is it that older people become so damn flatulent?

Asked by AstroChuck (37439points) June 20th, 2009

Why is this? It seems to be more of a male issue, but it still applies to the ladies.You’ve noticed this, right? It’s happening to me as well. As I get older I tend to clear out more and more rooms. My elderly father is currently the “flatulence king” but I seem to be following in his footsteps.
So what’s up with old farts farting all the time?

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Old farts are a result of worn out parts.

No more “grit on the belts”, so to speak.

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Don’t count me in that group, please. My veggie, nuts, grains and fruit diet leave me pretty much ungasbaglike.

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Maybe they are less full of sh*t, so more full of air?

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I haven’t noticed this, yet. I should invest in a gas mask now, then…my husband can be pretty gassy, at times, already. Fantastic.

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@gailcalled- I knew you’d chime in and want to be excluded. As a vegetarian for the past 19 years I can tell you that vegetables increase flatulence. Meat doesn’t cause as much but it does cause stinkier gas. So don’t give me this vegetables, nuts, and fruit act. That argument just doesn’t cut the cheese hold water.

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Maybe they just don’t care – there is nobody left to impress.

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Maybe they just no longer care to stifle and/or hide them.

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@tinyfaery & @Girl_Powered I think you guys are onto something.

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maybe it’s how they communicate? One poot for “yes”, two poots for “no”?

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@AstroChuck: Then chalk it up to my mysterious and magical GI tract, I guess.

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I dunno, but I’m only 20 and am pretty damn flatulent
yep, I said it..I fart..a lot lol

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I don’t know but I’m having that problem here in my 40’s and I think it really stinks!!!

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Because when you get older you can just do whatever you want to. If you feel like farting you can just let it rip because who is going to call out an 80 year old lady for farting.

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@AstroChuck I’ve noticed that as well since I started drinking more fruit and veggie juice. I can damn near fart an entire song with a little sphincter control. Hell with barking dogs singing Jingle Bells, let’s get some old guys to fart that song.

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@knitfroggy exactly. at that point in your life who really cares? in fact, i don’t care right now, shit, it’s human nature. i am human.

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Are you saying you fart a lot? Cause that’s really more information than I need right now, Chuck. But I still love ya. Just keep that farty ass away from me.

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I don’t believe we become more flatulent, just less constrained by social conventions. Boys have always been fond of “sharing” or imposing their farts on other boys, and as they get older, they seem to simply not give a hoot.

In the general population, it is rude to fart in outsiders’ company, but all people need to do it at home and in privacy.

I find sugar and carbs make me more gassy, and a sensitivity to foods can too.

If it is you who seems to be most farty, try taking acidophilus during the day (this is the enzyme in yoghurt that balances the “flora” in your intestines), and eat fewer carbs. Also, you can add Beano to certain gas-producing foods like beans, fruits and vegetables, etc.

Oh, yeah, and you could do some butt-tightening exercises so those sphincters can hold back the gas in social situations.

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They don’t call us “old farts” for nothing!

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I’m in my 40s, and after having two children I can definitely say sphincter control is gone. Gone, I tell you. It’s a fart fest at our house, and I’m sorry, but I can no longer be lady-like. It truly sucks wind.

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Why would a 6 year old boy be interested in this question @AstroChuck ~ You have years before you have to worry about this. When you’re a 6 year old boy, farting is cool!

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@moorpheus to the uninitiated, farting in outsider’s company may be rude, but where I am from, a fart is a celebration, a way of thanking the chef for a fine meal, if a day or two later. A room clearing fart is a badge of honor and everybody thinks farts are funny, not just six year old boys. well, except for those old fuddy duddies that had no sense of humor to begin with.

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If you know you’re not getting laid, why suffer?

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@Judi Gas is always cool!
Of my gassy family, we prefer to save all the wind for burps. Of my mother’s and sister’s amazing skills, they nominate me as the best. I am the burping queen. I hit the Richter scale and I’m not afraid to show someone that is close to me.
I make Mommy proud.
We are so super classy.

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Shut up or I’ll fart on you.

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Sorry to cast a pall upon your parade, but HealthSouth says:

With age, we become more flatulent because our bodies make fewer enzymes that digest sugars, like lactose – milk suger. Dairy intake can then lead to gas, diarrhea and cramping. Reducing dairy intake and using lactase enzyme supplements like Lactaid can help digest milk sugars.

Most of the rest of the things that cause flatulence have to do with diet and ingestion habits, according to that article. If you want to stop farting, stop eating!

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May be as they grow old the digestive system of senile people produce more gas as compared to younger people..

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As you grow older, your body realizes when your mature enough to handle the full power of the human intestinal self-defense system. You ever realize how as were young, we tend to run from our own farts, yet, when we get older, we don’t even notice? You have to remember that it takes on average about 72 hours for food to completely exit your system, and as we get older, you body works slower, meaning it takes longer for waste to exit, meaning it’s rotting more inside you, thus the gas is 4 times as worse.

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