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Why is it that shorts become looser and looser throughout the day?

Asked by Facade (22917points) June 20th, 2009

Shorts that I could barely get on seven hours ago are now super baggy.
If you say it’s because I lost weight, I’ll give you a piece of brownie lol@the irony

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Mine don’t. <sigh>

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Because you lost weight.
No walnuts in my brownie, please.

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@AstroChuck but of’s in the mail :)

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@Facade- Hell, I’ll never get it now.

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i think it’s mostly because of movement. even if you’re not doing, like, jumping jacks…you’re still stretching the material.
i totally know what you mean. in the mornings i have to wiggle into my jeans, and then by the end of the day i’m looking for a belt.

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I wish it were the losing weight part, but I think it is because the fabric stretches. When you wash something it pulls together especially if you dry in the dryer but then when you wear it, the weave relaxes and it is looser.

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you two get no brownies :P

but thanks for the info :)

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Oh man… I was just going to answer this question with something about the fabric stretching out with wear and now I totally want brownies…

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choose your answer wisely, my friend….

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It’s that guy behind you yanking them down. :)~

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haha, i wouldn’t put it past him

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I was going to say something about erections, but that probably only applies to males.

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Losing water weight which always comes back :(

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The fabric relaxes and stretches with your body heat but just a little. A lot I think has to do with your body’s movement during the day. You are stretching and contracting, muscles (especially on former athletes) like to move around where they remember feeling best. Your body is a pliable water filled skin bag your muscles can shape and form… to an extent. You’re young so the shape memory is fresh.

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Well, if you spend a lot of the day with your hand down your… um, never mind.

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My clothes get loose as well, I think its just all the movement and stretching of the clothes.

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Anthopomorphic version: Fiber artists talk about fabric and fiber having “memory”. When worn it gets stretched, and when washed it “wants to” return to it’s original shape. More to do with body moisture than heat. Paper also expands/contracts with moisture.

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@kruger_d There was definitely a lot of moisture that day lol it was hot and i sweat a lot

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When you work hard, and it’s hot, you tend to lose a lot of water weight if you are not rehydrating properly. That can make your shorts loose. If you are working hard, though, some of that weight stays off. Lookin’ fine, girl! Lookin’ fine!

Do you make those really thick fudgy brownies? I love thick fudgy brownies, especially fresh from the oven! Oh! With mint ice cream and hot fudge sauce… now my mouth is watering…. Is it lunch time yet? [hint, hint] ;-)

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Yea, I need to be working hard lol.

and i bake much :P

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